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  1. aschall

    Dinner! 2011

    This was a quick omelet with sauteed onions, red bell pepper, tomatoes, and goat cheese. A little crispy bacon to go with.
  2. aschall

    Dinner! 2011

    Pasta with a Mushroom Cream Sauce, some sauteed chicken and steamed broccoli to go with.
  3. aschall

    Amuse Bouche Recipes

    Here was a pretty good dish someone I know made the other day... leak and potato soup accompanied by another tasty vegetables, the potato is nicely shaped and put right in the middle of the soup making this a deconstructed dish.
  4. aschall

    Dinner! 2011

    Chicken Piccata...Sauteed chicken, yellow squash, red peppers, red onion, garlic, broccoli, white wine, chicken stock, butter, lemon, capers, basil and some fresh bread with some extra pizza dough I had.
  5. All great information! I make pizza at home almost every Friday. I can get my oven to 550 and have found waiting for the 550 mark versus 500 greatly improves the results. I have two regular pizza stones, so I put one above the pizza about 2 inches to try and achieve a better effect. Not sure if it really helps though. On the dough, I have found creating a recipe and measuring ingredients by weight has always given me more consistent results.
  6. I didn't go to LCB but another culinary program at a career college. If one was a person with no knowledge or experience I think there is some value in a culinary program. For me I have been self taught in a lot of things prior to going and there was little information gained from going to school that I could have learned by watching a few videos and practicing at home. Instead of spending $40,000, a few good books and videos would do. Go buy ingredients you have never worked with and practice. Going to a school I guess "forces" you to stay on track though, where many people would lack discipline to train themselves. And actual experience in a restaurant wouldn't hurt either. All my opinion anyway.
  7. aschall

    Dinner! 2011

    Stuffed napa cabbage stuffed with red peppers, fennel, shallot, and garlic. Side of sauteed rutabaga and turnip and some steamed broccoli. I didn't like some of the color but it tasted good.
  8. aschall

    Dinner! 2011

    If you like a little heat, this dish wasn't too bad. A roasted pablano pepper stuffed with a cheesy risotto. Topped with a little smoked gouda cheese. On the side is a tomato and roasted pepper sauce, oh and a jalapeno, just in case there was not enough heat.
  9. aschall

    Dinner! 2011

    Sauteed chicken, yellow squash, red peppers, red onion, garlic, broccoli, white wine, chicken stock, butter, lemon, capers, basil and some fresh bread with the extra pizza dough from 2 days ago. There are more photos at my site.
  10. aschall

    Dinner! 2011

    Braised Napa Cabbage w/ Fennel Broth This was an attempt to make kind of a soup with the cabbage and some fennel. The broth is made with shallot, fennel, leek, garlic, white wine, and chicken stock. In the center is some black beans, a little crispy shallot, lemon zest, and then some blanched chayote squash around.
  11. The key to cooking turkey perfectly is to brine it 24-48 hours. Then whatever cooking method you decide on, use a thermometer to get it to the perfect temperature. And remember carry over cooking will continue to heat the turkey after it's removed from the heat.
  12. Well I only have 3 physical cookbooks but Google gives me about 46,000,000 sites with free recipes and ideas.
  13. aschall

    Dinner! 2010

    This is a dish I cooked for Christmas dinner... Deep fried Cornish game hen that was brined with herbs; sour dough cranberry and date stuffing with apple; potatoes that were mashed, seasoned, and then baked; sauteed carrots with parsley; homemade cheddar buttermilk biscuits with sage butter. ______________________ Tony http://www.Facebook-of-Food.com >>> a social network dedicated to food!
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