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  1. I think the challenge and "game aspect" of Top Chef has a great draw on many of the contestants. We as Chefs and Cooks are competitive by nature. The fact that they have other responsibilities, and obligations Im sure has been taken into account before they make the decission to go on the show. As far as being shown in a "bad light", if they go on and act as themselves and stick to that creedo then I suppose that it doesn't matter what other people think. These are mostly established professionals that are already know in the industry in one way, shape, or form and the appearance will only effect them by getting their name out even more. Weather good or Bad.
  2. Similar story after juicing 2 cases of lemons, limes, and oranges. I washed my hands many times before what has come to be known as "The night of Burning Passion" but I guess there must have been some leftover residue on/under my fingernails. Now on Nights I cook dinner I need to show her a list of ingredients I used before anything possibly happens.
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    Dinner! 2010

    Assuming that most of the people that belong to Gully are Advanced Novice (not Chefs), I think this would be a very worthy subject to delve into. It would be great to include a shopping list, ome prep techniques, and even maybe an in a pinch alternate of substitute for harder to procure ingredients. Sice I started reading the post on eGullet the stories that are more home based are the ones that catch my interest the most.
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