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  1. Rebecca, Empty bags galore on eBay, for a few cents each. Also, a C R fishing lure, with no bids @ $9.95.
  2. PAM R, They are sold full on eBay! Full, for collectable purposes only, per eBay rules. Some of the older fifths bring some decent money. 1966, $145, 1969, $65, another from the 50's was over $100. Plus, there are posters, shirts, lighters, and hundreds of other items. One 3 liter bottle, full, didn't sell for $160. I'm sure that you would need someone in the U.S. to sell them for you.
  3. The CLR website suggests an 8/1 mix, followed by at least two water flushes. Use the Gray CLR, not the yellow bottle. I think that I might give it a try.
  4. After a little thought, a drink that you might offer is one that I remember from the '70s in Atlanta. A White Spider. Vodka, rocks, and a few drops of white creme de' menthe. The bartender served it up, but to survive, I drank them on the rocks. For better or worse, I've never been the same.
  5. My thoughts are to use what they bring you. Dilute it as little as possible, and show it off. Perhaps, chill it in the freezer, shake briefly with pure ice, strain, and serve with a twist? Serve it up in a French St. Louis cocktail glass? (At $150 each on eBay, mine aren't for rent.)
  6. I've sort of done the same thing with freezing stuff that was overlooked in the meat drawer and started to turn. The only problem is not labeling it garbage. And then thawing it weeks later. Uck! Double Uck!!
  7. Genny, WAY upthread, I believe I told the story of my unnamed wife who came into the kitchen, saw the mitt reversed on the red hot skillet, and thought "What a dumb thing for Sam to do!" You can guess what she did next. I have the Dacor computer glass cooktop (found it on eBay, where I live and make a living), and use a window scraper that uses retractable single edge razor blades to clean off the burnt grease spots and other crud. I suppose that I'll have to use it for other heavy duty stuff in the future. (BTW, thread drift, my favorite cleaner is Bartender's Friend Cooktop cleaner). Try it,
  8. Sam Iam

    Soup-only cookbook?

    Two that are inexpensive that provide a lot of information are "The Good Cook - Soups" Time Life series from 1979, available for under $5 including shipping on eBay, and Joe Famularo's "Good & Garlicky Italian Soup Cookbook", ~ $11 on Amazon. Both are well worth the money.
  9. Because pet food and bird seed are not regulated and inspected like food for human consumption, they are a major source for these pests. In the retail store and the home, the larve can easily migrate to the human food packages.
  10. Pan, you'll have to find the recipe on Epicurious.com. Everything will become clear to you, and you'll probably start playing your instrument door-to-door! Sam Iam
  11. There sure is! Just head over to www.epicurious.com and search for Musician's Tart. I found it there a couple of years ago, and have made it several times since. Dried pears are used in the paste under the nuts, and I'm having trouble finding them in Toledo now. If you find a source in Ann Arbor, please let me know. Sam
  12. We'll meet you at the restaurant tonight. Sam & Joyce
  13. When I signed up on 5/16, I offered to bring a Musician's Tart or two for dessert, & that offer still stands. Fat Guy, we can return you to the DTW area afterwards. As late as need be. Sam & Joyce PS: We will definitely be there.
  14. Jean, remember that 3 PM Central is 4 PM Eastern time. It's probably a good 4 1/2 hour drive.
  15. Add us to the mix (Joyce & Sam). This is tenative, depending on my work schedule. And we'll make the '50 year old members feel young! We'll be driving up from Lambertville, MI. About 45 minutes. I'll bring a Musician's Tart.
  16. The Grill at The Ritz-Carlton, Dearborn, was the Free Press Restaurant of The Year a few years back. I haven't tried it recently, though. http://www.ritzcarlton.com/hotels/dearborn...ill/default.asp
  17. Whew! Thanks... that's not what we have. However, I need to replace the cover that's been sitting there way too long!
  18. What was the name of the company that made the breaker box that had to be replaced for safety reasons?
  19. I'm not sure if that's because of the trouble they have to go through to bone this cut out of the chuck, or because they don't want to cannibalize sales of their more expensive short loin steaks. ← I think that you are 100% right. I'd hate to try to make a living with a custom shop in 99% of America's communities these days. Few will pay for the Top Blade Steaks, Lamb Chops, Quality Veal, Hanger Steaks, anything truly cooler aged, and I won't go on and on. Yes, in very elite areas, but not Lambertville, MI; Toledo; Findlay, OH, Clover, SC; and etc.
  20. Sam Iam

    Le Creuset

    Amazon has the 4 1/4 Qt. Soup Pot Le Creuset on sale for $99.99 right now, available in two colors. Includes free shipping, plus an extra $25 off if your kitchenware total order is $125 or more. I love mine, and one is shown the Duck Confit thread. The prices vary from day to day, and hour to hour. Sometimes different colors are priced differently, and there are differences in bonus pieces offered. Holidays seem to be typical sale times. (Feel free to add an eGullet link)
  21. Side by side, most of the time. I'm left-handed, and sit on the left. We like the physical contact, and the ability to share food without making a big deal out of it. Unless we're in Paris. I don't like being yelled at by the owner in a language that I don't understand.
  22. Sam Iam

    fluted mushrooms

    I'll try to figure out how to upload pictures (many) with my follow-up reply, and will also expand on this tomorrow. The easiest way that I have found to flute MRs is to use the single lemon zester that will pull a strip off of a mr in a split second. It's fast, simple, an amazement to my friends on how I can flute so many mushrooms, My wife asked me to marry her, partially for my Napolean's Chicken (with jumbo fluted mushrooms). And, she'd never seen anything flambed before. (2 B tomorow corected for spling)
  23. We cooked filets, and finished them in the oven. I took the hot skillet out and put it on the cooktop and put a pot holder mitton reversed over the handle. Joyce came in, thought "that's a dumb place for that" , removed it, and tried to pick up the skillet. She won't try that again for awhile!
  24. The Beruit is one of our six or seven favorite restaurants in Toledo. After a Friday evening at the Toledo Art Museum, we stop there. It's on the way home- a bonus. The raw kibbe is my must have dish!
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