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  1. I'm eager to finally make one of these if the timing is right! I'd be up for both courses too
  2. Something I did yesterday - crème brûlée white chocolate bars. Dried vanilla seends mixed into the white chocolate, with shards of a flattened honeycomb laid along the bar and then capped with the chocolate. As an experiment, I'm pretty pleased with it - I did a bunch in a heart mold too, but those have all 'mysteriously' disappeared in the last 24 hours
  3. Have you tried the acetate method? (depositing a dollop of chocolate on one side of the mold, laying an acetate shet over and scraping it across over the sheet) It's mentioned here: http://forums.egullet.org/topic/119593-closing-molded-chocolates/ - I used some blank sheets at the weekend for a christmas order and they turned out pretty well...
  4. This arrived yesterday - have only really had a flick through so far, but seems pretty good on first blush. Some things have been seen on his blog in the past couple of years, but he goes into more detail here. Only slight irritation is that the recipes have a master page, and then the recipes for the individual parts of the dessert are 20-30 pages later at the end of the section, even whenthe subject is things like molded chocolates. There's a lot of page-turning involved!
  5. Gah, sorry guys, my wife and I are going to have to drop out, I'm afraid; things have come up which we can't avoid . Next year!
  6. Hi guys, looks like I will be able to come, and my wife would like to take part too. How do we go about getting tickets for the actual conference, or do we pay there? (also, I can bring my copy of the Morato book to save Kerry some luggage (we'll be driving up), plus I also have a copy of Minifie's Chocolate, Cocoa and Confectionery if anybody is interested in having a look at that!)
  7. Put me down as a maybe - recent British transplant to North Carolina, looking to expand my chocolate and confection skills
  8. I'm on holiday at the moment, and have been given a request to make gummies. After a short trip down to Barnes and Nobles to copy out the recipe from the book (I know, I know, but my copy is 4,000 miles away, which makes it a little hard ), I flicked back to take a look at the start of the chapter whilst I was waiting for the bus to turn up. And there I found something a little curious - in the gelatin section, Greweling is clear that gelatin shouldn't be added to a solution that's above 100˚C. Yet in the recipe, he tells us to cool the sugar/glucose mix to 120˚C before adding in the gelatin. Sooo, which is right? I'd been wondering about the high temp for a while after researching into hydrocolloids a little more afterwards, but I never went back to this book to find the conflict… (Obviously, I could try it myself, but I'm waiting for the glucose syrup to arrive before I get started, and was just wondering if anybody knows one way or another!)
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