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  1. rebgold

    Vegan Crepes

    It's been a long time since this post, I was so busy getting my menu done I had forgotten about it. I did finally come up with a successful vegan/gluten free crepe. I make it every day at the restaurant. It is a combination of Bobs Red Mill gf flour, quinoa flour, buckwheat flour, egg replacer and a little olive oil. It's not exactly delicious by itself, but it's not bad and it definitely works once it's filled and sauced.
  2. I would patty them very thin, flatten them as much as possible and freeze them raw with a piece of plastic wrap in between so they separate easily. They cook very quickly in a really hot pan, why cook them first? They won't taste as good if you do. Another bit of advice if you're interested, I serve turkey burgers at my restaurant, try adding a little cocoa powder to the mix. I use 1/3 cup to 5 lbs of turkey, and onion powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, salt and pepper. It makes them very "meaty". If I was going to try adding zucchini, I would only grate the outside skin, that's the part with the higher concentration of nutrients, and skip the inside with the high water content.
  3. I'm having trouble with a sauce at my restaurant, a mushroom "veloute" thickened with a gluten free flour mix/olive oil roux. It starts out fine, but thins out as it sits in the steam well. I don't know if it's a combination of steam from the lid dripping in water, the gluten free flour losing it's thickening power as it's held at 140, or something to do with the olive oil?
  4. rebgold

    Vegan Crepes

    I tried this one and didn't consider it successful texture wise. I've pretty much given up on the gluten free part for now, the vegan part was easy.
  5. rebgold

    Vegan Crepes

    Has anyone had any success making a vegan, gluten free buckwheat crepe? Mine will not cooperate and I have tried multiple changes to the recipe, with and without corn starch, baking soda, more oil, soda water, etc... They turn out terrible, too thick when they're flippable, too many holes when the batter is thin. Any ideas?
  6. Lol, no martini glasses at the church, what with it being a church and all. I have plenty of recipes for mousses and all types of custards from years of doing pastries in restaurants. I'm specifically looking for interesting desserts using average ingredients done mostly in hotel or full sheet pans. I have a million cake recipes for 10"rounds but I'm not willing to go to that kind of effort.
  7. One of the pastors is lactose intolerant, and I don't have ramekins or a blow torch for creme brulee or panna cotta. I really don't want to do fancy, restaurant style desserts for the most part. The volunteers said people really want more modern, healthy food. The woman who did it for 15 years was very old school. She pretty much doctored boxed cake mixes every week. Budget isn't an issue and I cook at the church so I don't have to transport anything. I was hoping someone had some cake recipes they'd converted to work in hotel pans and have the center cooked without the edges being dried out.
  8. I recently took on a side gig cooking a congregational dinner for a church once a week. It's about 50 ppl and needs to be fairly simple. It's been a long time since I've done this type of thing and need some dessert recipes done in full hotel pans. Anyone got anything tried and tested they really like?
  9. I cut a 4 oz of cream from my ganache and used pan spray on the mold today, it worked great.
  10. I saw one mention of ganache molds in an old thread, that the ganache needs to be a very firm one to pop out of them. Does anyone have a ganache they've already found the perfect percentages for that come right out? I just got two, a round and a square. The regular truffle didn't come out of the round one at all. The very firm one, the white chocolate one with a lot of butter did better coming out of the square one, but I lost the corners on most of them. Any tips?
  11. Did I read an old thread where you said you make bark with pop rocks? Do you just sprinkle them right on the chocolate?

  12. It's really simple, cut it the way you want and cook it in a sugar, water, corn syrup mix until it's kind of clear. Then dry it on a rack for a day. Don't throw away the syrup, it's delicious in various beverages, such as vodka and a little soda, lol.
  13. Well then I'll thank Chris, and also mention he's almost close enough to me that I could drive to OK for a tutorial in fancy chocolate coloring techniques! lol
  14. Those acetate flowers are pretty awesome. I guess I doubt my artistic skills to pull that off, a mold is a safety net, but I'll never know unless I try. As usual Kerry, if it works, I'll have you to thank! I've also never tried air brushing. We have one, but no one has ever used it and we only have water based colors for it. I was thinking about trying to use cocoa butter I color myself, like I do with all my molds, but usually I just use a paint brush.
  15. Didn't really find anything on their website. I made some chocolate flowers, colored with cocoa butter, that I put on a cake yesterday. I thought it would look really great if I could find large flower molds, like an actual lily or hibiscus size that could be colored and would fill up the top of a cake.
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