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  1. I am almost embarrassed to admit (not really) that I’m adding the last of my Aldi white cheddar/cranberry cheese to my mac n’ cheese (yes, I use the blue box) tomorrow-
  2. This is the curly kale, so we’ll see- I had lacinato kale in my last box & made a frittata w/ kale/bacon/Gruyere for Xmas morning, it was delicious (had chopped Roma tomatoes w/ basil & balsamic on the side)-
  3. I don’t have collards either, so I will cook my kale & Swiss chard w/ a little bacon for greens for tomorrow, already cooked black eyed peas & will make cornbread, too. Happy New Year, everyone!
  4. I use 2 of those generic glass jars that pizzerias use for red peppers (i also have different sea salts in their original containers)they're on the side of the stove w/ 3 pepper mills-2 black, 1 white. Szechuan peppercorns are in a plastic container in the cupboard.
  5. I have been going crazy w/ soup-lentil & pulled pork, turkey broth, & a good hit of balsamic. Today, I used a smoked turkey carcass to make pho broth, added Szechuan pepper, star anise, half a cinnamon stick, lots of white pepper, & a small piece of orange rind. I added rice noodles, leftover brisket & turkey, to make a faux pho. Next up, blackeyed peas w/ leftover ham...
  6. I have smoked a lot of stuff on my Weber Smoky Mt this fall, & I'm kicking myself that I haven't set up anything for today, because it's beautiful (72 degrees) here, but we're still eating turkey & brisket that I smoked 4 days ago. I love my smoker.
  7. Guess I'm the heretic who said I could bake my own pita bread-have a bread machine recipe, pop on the pizza stone,3-5 breads for a day or two, works for me...now if I just had some convenient olive trees, I'd be set...I'd much rather have other folks cooking for me, those kishk & shanklish look wonderful...
  8. I think I have 4 clay pots, oldest is the cazuela, I use that for bean dip & casseroles, used at least monthly, it's probably 10 years old, so it's paid for itself. I have a romertopf, purchased at a thrift store, used once, a new Chinese clay pot, only purchased a month ago & used once, & this past year for Xmas, got a La Chamba covered casserole (2x/ so far). The cazuela is my favorite, probably because of longevity. I don't notice a huge difference in the use of clay cookware, but the runner-up is the La Chamba casserole-it's just beautiful! Personally, I wouldn't bother buy
  9. Thanks for the tips, I'll have to try Me Jana for lunch sometime. What's the grocery in McLean that has good stuff? I live in southern Fairfax county, closest to me is Mediterranean Gourmet Market, I'll be visiting this week. I make my own labneh (basically, drained yogurt, right?) & make a bastardized 'Greek grilled cheese', w/ melted provolone on pita, topped w/ yogurt, feta, marinated cukes, lettuce, tomatoes, olives. I'd like to pick up some za'tar & start baking my own pita (just because it's dead easy, & overpriced in the grocery store).
  10. I'm really enjoying your blog & photos, that grilled fish looked delicious. When you're back in DC, are there any places that are similar to the food you can find in Beirut? I know this area has a lot of kabob & falafel places, but they're all different-Lebanese, Pakistani, Afghani, chains like Maoz...what do you do to try & approximate the flavor, or do you just cook for yourself, & enjoy different stuff?
  11. LBNoble

    Crock Pot Cooking?

    It seems more logical to put some veg on the bottom, but I try to get the majority of the meat's surface in contact w/ the pot (& I don't use much added liquid, preferring fatty cuts, like chuck or chicken thighs), so my vegetables go on top, but eventually get stirred around....
  12. We're having blackeyed peas & collards, ribs & cornbread-the first 2 are a given (need some luck & money this year)...
  13. liver, beets, chickpeas, bell peppers-not totally ruling out sweet potatoes or winter squash, although I've never had any that I've liked...
  14. Serendipity!-Just back from vacation, not much in the kitchen, but rather than chucking the slightly tired cabbage & green onion, I sauteed them w/ a dab of oil, soy sauce, & pepper, topped w/ some frozen salad shrimp, mixed 2 eggs w/ some flour & water, poured it over the top, & after flipping, had a lovely little mini okonomiyaki. I topped it w/ a smear of sriracha mayo & it was delicious! Next time, I'll add some bacon...
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