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  1. Thank you for writing back Gautam. What a process it involves! I have been cooking it the Kacchi way, using raw meet with the parboiled Basmati rice. The vessel I have used is a stainless steel Indian Karahi. I was using about 2 pounds of white and dark chicken meat with 2 1/2 cups of rice or so. I don't have my recipe handy. Oh, I didn't use dough around the Karahi. I used foil and put a pot filled with water on top of the Karahi lid. I will check out gourmetindia.com. thanks.
  2. I have made Chicken Dum Biryani at least three times. Twice on the stove and the third time in the oven. The problem I have every time is that after the allotted cooking time is done and I take a fork to check the bottom of the pan to make sure the chicken is done, there will be juices at the bottom of the pan instead of it being dry. Since there shouldn't be juices once its cooked, I end up cooking it for another thirty minutes or more which cooks away the juices but also dries the chicken. What am I doing wrong? I do marinate the chicken the night before in yoghurt. Would using less yoghurt
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