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  1. Very nice. I will start experimenting with that on my next batch. Do have a recipe I can start with or should I just go to the blog? Thanks.
  2. jakey

    Job interview

    Thanks, my confidence was there, but I crashed and burned. I was sick the whole time (a combination of nerves and a very irritated ulcer). I got all my product out, but they picked at everything except presentation. I'm okay with it; sometimes it just happens.
  3. jakey

    Worst Candy Ever

    I also nominate Peeps. Hated them as a kid (and I loved all candy then). Tried it again this Easter, nope it still is horrid.
  4. jakey

    Job interview

    Just heard a minute ago that my time has been cut by two hours. I am so in the weeds now
  5. jakey

    Job interview

    I went to the interview today and they really are looking for a leader for the catering/bakery part. That is what I love to do. I tried to let them know that I can lead and am a total team player (exec chef is real big on that). I have my whites and my knives and tools are ready to go. Didn't want to wear/take them because I would have just felt odd about it. Now I have a third interview. On the spot on today's show, I was asked to make three different desserts using boxed yellow cake. Plus pate choux, chocolate mousse, fresh fruit tart, pastry cream, and my friends and family favorite dessert to eat that I make. I had to check out the kitchen, see what needed to be ordered and to come back whenever I felt like on Thursday and do my thing. In the hour that I had, I figured I would make vanilla roasted pineapple slices with coconut pastry cream and a pineapple flavored yellow cake; a very loose riff on Opera cake (and I do mean loose), flavor the cake with almonds, top with coffee flavored buttercream and chocolate ganache; and a simple twinkie like cake filled with either buttercream or pastry cream. Pate choux baked and topped with caramel; strawberry tart with pate sucree; and this really dense chocolate mousse with creme anglaise and chopped pistachios-doubles for favorite and mousse. Just have to figure out the timing on all this and get their as early as I can, so if I do screw something up, I have time to fix it. The job economy is crap, but they are looking for someone with experience and passion. Thanks for all your advice, much appreciated!
  6. I have a second interview with the x chef and the manager and I am kind of worried about how to let them realize I want to do my best. Any ideas? Please? My first interview was kind of lame, but they are giving me a chance. I have no new clothes, so anything else would be helpful.
  7. Totally agree; but I found it to be too boring, even when he is being mean. I won't be watching again.
  8. I just throw it out; don't think I can dry out the mush it becomes afterwords. But it's a good idea, maybe to toast the cereal that I put in when the ice cream for texture. It would probably stay crunchy longer. Not that I've had a problem with keeping the ice cream around long enough for the cereal bits to get soft or anything. But a nice idea. Thanks.
  9. Good point. I will try that next time. Thanks.
  10. I just used a basic recipe that usually makes about a quart. calls for 1 1/4 cup of whole milk and 1 1/4 cup cream, 4 egg yolks, 1/2 cup sugar. Added a tablespoon or so of invert sugar and 2 cups cereal. I chilled the liquid for about 6 hours before churning. The ice cream bowl had been in the freezer a couple of days. I did discard the spent cereal, but got as much liquid out of it as I could.
  11. I just made my first cereal milk ice cream which tasted great, but the finished product was half of what I expected. Everything looked fine for quantity until I churned it and then there was half of what I normally would have. I'm wondering if anyone else has done this and had this happen and how to fix it. Do I make a batch of twice as much, which I would have to make the ice cream in two batches, or maybe reduce the cereal? Not sure about that because the flavor is there. Would it diminish the taste if I reduce the cereal? Churn more or less? I'm really at a loss on this since this is my first cereal ice cream. I've done other ice creams and never had this happen. Thanks.
  12. I actually made homemade twix bars this week. It was this thread that got me wanting some. I just used storebought lorna doone shortbread cookies, since my homemade ones always come out too crumbly especially when trying to dip them in the melted chocolate.
  13. After reading this thread for some time (and drooling alot) and also read a thread on making homemeade twix bars, I decided to try it and share. The shape isn't the same, but they taste pretty close to the packaged cookies/candy.
  14. I would have deviled eggs, home canned bread and butter pickles, and from scratch Boston cream pie. All favorites from when I was a kid; and might even share.
  15. thanks to all of you! I feel so dumb for not knowing this already, but I do appreciate your wisdom.
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