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  1. I just tried this and it worked like a charm. I was meaning to steam for 13 minutes, but I was timing with my watch and that is always a mistake. The eggs went for 17 minutes and are perfect. My 7 year old loves hard boiled eggs and he's a pretty ruthless judge. He's eating one right now and pronounces them perfection. For the record I did 6 Eggland's Best large eggs in my steamer basket. I started the water on a simmer and then added the eggs in the basket, covered, steamed and then cold-water bathed to stop cooking.
  2. Thanks! I'll give it a try soon.
  3. I'm trying this tomorrow. I'm wondering about altitude? When I hard cook eggs (I always use America's Test Kitchen's method) I have to leave eggs on the boil a bit longer as I'm above 6,000 feet and my water boils at a lower temp. I'll try steaming for 13 minutes and go from there.
  4. So is there a recipe for your hibiscus spiced tea? Sounds amazing! I married a southern man and it's sweet tea all day long here. He's even got our northern-born son drinking it! I call it tea kool-aid. I don't drink it myself, but I've perfected the making of it at home. I live in Colorado and we are home to Celestial Seasonings - herbal teas- and I usually make my unsweetened iced tea with a few black tea bags and a few herbal tea bags. The fruity teas are my favorite.
  5. Hello fellow Coloradian! I live in southern Colorado. Good luck on your venture.
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