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  1. humm.. Now you got me thinking... I after a week some of my bag seems to have lost their seal, when in reality it might be Contamination even in my dry stuff such as tea, brown sugar etc... Could it be that ll my bags were contaminated when i got them?
  2. Thanks for your prompt reply. Freezing will be my next experiment, it is going to be interesting to see if the bag let's air in or liquid as it is in the bath. Tks again
  3. I have smoked all purpose flours to make smoked french baguette. I am still working on it as i find that i end up with surface smoked only. I have been using a polyscience smoking gun to do the job. If anyone of you have suggestions on this it would be great
  4. I indeed own a MVS31 As for the calibration i will check with the rep and see what he has to say. As i think that might have 2 different issue here. When after few days i loose my seal on brown sugar, i dont think thay this has something to do with bacteria. However I agree that something is growing in my bag and create balooning. However i cannot pinpoint why it is happening so randomly. I buy my meat fresh, subdivided in portion and use exclusvely small bags 7 by 9 to cook I then cook SV what i need and refregirate the rest, i rarely freeze my meat... Are you saying that it should be going from freezer to my SV bath directly from the freezer and allow more cookimg time. I could easily do this, as have some high desity tape and a thermocouple to check my internal temperature if need be. I have cooked SV Foie gras from fozen and from fresh, both with amazing results. However, i lost a good batch from storing the remaiming fresh foie gras in the fridge for future use...May be i should have frozen it.
  5. I am actually surprise as i always thought that the mv31 was considered the top of the line and i believe a fair amount of people on e gullet are using that machine as well. Any one out there with a mv 31 ?
  6. The foie gras was unfrozen and was packed sous vide waitibg to be cooked sous vide and then air got in....
  7. I am using 3 mill bags unles the manufacturer made a mistake at the sources as i also own standard bag for packaging and i cannot tell the difference between both type . The confusing part is that i have air in both type of bags... For cooking and for packaging
  8. Any one might have any idea why I am having this problem. Here is what happen. About 2 to 3 bags out of 10 end up with air inside. I have sealed cheese... 2 weeks later some tiny air pocket form inside. About 25% of the time only. I droped 12 bags of baby pork ribs for 24 hours... They were all good. I droped a second batch of 8 bags, 1 of them inflated like a baloon. I had the same experience with a corn on the cub that was sealed SV prior to cooked, the bag swelled like a baloon in the fridge. At first it was just a little bit of air, but then a got curious and left in the fridge to see how far it would go... It did swell like a balloom, litterally. A few months a go a dis some veal cheeks for 36 hours and when i opened the bag the smell was awfull, like rotting meat. As a rule of thum I alway trow away any bag that shows sign of air inflitration. However having to scrap foie gras is a bit frustrating and costly. I spoke and met with the rep, he looked at the seal of each bag and could not figure out what is going on. It also happen with dry stuff such a brown sugar or even tea. Hope to get some answer on this one as i am intrigue on what is going on. Tks in advance for your input Dan
  9. Truffle are indeed expansive but are worth the money. I make my own black truffle oil by infusing black truffle in grape seed oil. The infusion last about 2 months
  10. White truffle oil has to be chemically flavored as the actual white truffle goes at 7,500 dollars per kilo. You can find the black and white truffle in montreal at the atwater market. I shop exclusively at Chez Louis at the atwater market. They have black year round and white in season. Beware that some market would sell you the truffle from china that has no Taste and barely smell anything. This is why a reliable supplier is a must.
  11. Wow, you all confuse me right now. I have bake bread for a few years now with a no knead technique as i always used wet dought. A- why would i want to seal my dough when the surrounding environment is packed of yeast in the air? To me that is what makes a bread unique to each baker. having. A bread rise in a Sv environment is like having a kid Growing up in a sterile environment... He will end up with no personality, and caracter unless, i could inject some kind of flavor in my bag that would utimately and systematically be measurable as a result B- Frozen dough, after first rise would always deliver sub par bread as oppose to freeze it after partially baking it( say 2/3) of the time. C- excuse my ignorance, but if someone could explain to me how in the world a bread would expand( release the co2), in a closed environment such as a sv bag or submerge container. D- As i am writting this, i still feel that i am missing something here. maybe someone would care to take me step by step on how you would let raise you dough in a sv technique. Thank you in advance for your reply and my appologies for my lack of visualising how this can be done Dan
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    My guess is that your tequilla is too liquidy and my understanding you need a syrup consistency. However, i like the calcium concentration explanation better as it is mesurable. My explanation is pure speculation. I did the baileys and khalua right from the text book , i have a picture of the results on my ipad but do not know how to incorporate this in the tread. Equal part of alginate to baileys, say 50 ml of each and then drop it in the calcium... Weather using a seringe to make caviar like drop of a spoon to have nice round drop they were both perfect. I got cut up in food shopping all afternoon, i will report on maple syrup as soon as i have a chance. Dan
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    Okay, i will report back later today with results Tks Dan
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