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  1. I just picked up a Johnston County Country Ham from Costco for $50 delivered to Montana! I want to try some raw before I bake the whole thing. According to Rufus Brown the only difference in his country hams and his American prosciutto is that the country hams are sold after at least six months aging and his prosciutto are the same hams just aged for another 6-12 months. While I realize the "only difference" is a big difference. Has anyone tried this? Also what are some suggestions on how to bake? I want to use some leftovers to serve on biscuits for Christmas breakfast. Thanks
  2. I've always wanted to see what Ramsay would do with Top Chef's talent instead of the scrubs that they have on the show. Sorry to high jack.
  3. Landlockt

    Citric Acid uses

    This is the recipe I am doing tomorrow by chance. Queso Fresco by Rick Bayless
  4. First thanks for all the info. My mid-range plan is to convert a fridge to a curing box, but for now I am going to use a room in our basement. Here is the current environment: 1) RH around 80% and it will remain that way until late spring/summer. 2) Typical temperature is 60-65 if we keep the door closed, 65-70 if left open to den. 3) The room in question is a washroom/storage room. He are my current plans: 1) I found this humidifier/dehumidifier on Amazon for about $165. Amazon My plan was to then use it in the fridge when I got to that stage. I thought I was really onto something until I s
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