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  1. Any recommendations on good places to buy interesting homemade sausages? Does anyone make their own? If so, any tips for the beginner?
  2. suzz

    Super Sweet

    My waistline may not be thankful for your great suggestions, but my sweet tooth is.
  3. suzz

    Super Sweet

    Is the state of dessert so desperate in NJ that no one has a recommendation?
  4. Any suggestions on places where you can enjoy a great dinner and end it with an equally great dessert. I've been hearing about Sugar in Phillipsburg that is a patisserie and restaurant. Anyone been there?
  5. Both are excellent, but very different. the atmosphere at HIgh Lawn is so grand - high ceilings, lots of gleaming brass around the open kitchen, and of course that incredible view. Stage Left is much mopre subdued and intimate. Their new place upstairs, Catherine Lombardi, is very attractive, with big stone fireplaces. The Italian fare is fabulous.
  6. Does anyone have any updated feedback on Le-Rendez Vous?
  7. Any suggestions on new places (opened in the last six months or so) to go in the garden state?
  8. Are these Bergen spots limited to sidewalk service, or do any of them have more private terraces?
  9. Wow! Thanks, sounds like I'll be busy all summer.
  10. As the snow refuses to melt, I'm fantasizing about warm weather meals under the sun or stars, on a patio surrounded by flowers and greenery. Kind of a gourmet secret garden. Does anyone have any recommendations for al fresco restaurants? Planning for the future may get me through the cold and mud.
  11. Latour is expensive, but my visit was wonderful. The intimate room is up in a tower with the western wall being all glass. Unfortunately the weather was bleak during my visit, but I can only imagine what it would be like at sunset.. There is a multi-course tasting menu, but also three course prix fixe options. The wine selections and cellar are unbelievable.
  12. suzz


    Amidst all the controversy I had to try this place out. After a recent jaunt to Whole Foods I strolled across the street for the $8.95 lunch special and was not dissappointed. First course - Acili Ezme - a spicy tapenade style dish of chopped tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic and nuts, was addictive on the bread. The Main dish of Doner Kebab was tender and delicious. The lunch special does not include dessert, but I had to have the baklava - yum, double yum with the cute little glass of Turkish tea. I'd go back in hearbeat.
  13. I'm craving creme brulee. My best of the best is at Epernay in Montclair where they serve it in a shallow oval casserole that allows for a mouthful of crisp sugary topping in every bite. Any suggestions for other places to enjoy this decadent dessert?
  14. suzz

    Super soup

    I'm in the northwest and sit-down or take-out would be fine.
  15. Any recommendations on restaurants with menus that are exclusively multi-course tastings, like The Village Green in Ridgewood? If not exclusively than at least those offering it as a regular option.
  16. Does anyone have suggestions on the best places to go for really good homemade soups?
  17. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful stories. I may reach out to some of you NJ natives if you're interested in elaborating/sharing recipes for the article. Keep those families eating!
  18. Has anyone seen Russell Cronkhite's new book, "A Return to Sunday Dinner"? It's inspired me to write a NJ-based newspaper story on the subject. I'd love to hear from anyone who has fond memories of and favorite recipes from big Sunday afternoon family dinners. Does anyone still gather the generations around the dining room table on a regular basis?
  19. I'm with you Rosie. I think it's a great idea. Kind of like a surprise party for the palate!
  20. Kim, At Fascino, the tasting menu is a special event where diners don't know ahead of time what they'll be getting and are asked to give feed back on the various dishes. Sort of a culinary focus group to field test recipes. Thus, the 'surprise'.
  21. After reading about the $55 tasting dinner at Montclair's new hotspot, Fascino, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any other restaurants that offer a surprise tasting on a regular basis?
  22. Any suggestions on upscale Asian? It could be Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Pan-Asian, but I'm looking for someplace with great food and decor, maybe a bar, for a special night out. Willing to travel for the best.
  23. Il Porto on Lake Mohawk is great, but my top choice is Bula in Newton for some really different fusion food in a funky storefront atmosphere. Also, I haven't been in a while, but Shelby's in Hamburg used to be excellent.
  24. David, Thank you for so much great information. I know I'm hopping on board rather late, but I have a few questions. I have been an established food writer on a regional level for the past four years, but have not been able to expand my range to include national publications. Are there any editors that you find most accesible when making this leap? Do you have any knowledge of the wire services? Are the writers on staff or freelance? Do they get paid according to how many newspapers pick up the stories? Additionally, I've been approached on several occasions by chefs and others about collaborating on a cookbook, but I am unsure of how to proceed contractually. Is a set fee paid to write a proposal and then further arrangements made as to how the profits will be shared? Thanks again.
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