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  1. Yes originally we were trying to calculate it as a percentage of receipts, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the scheme. We don't really want to "rip him off" per se, but he wants a part of the action and we want him to have an incentive to reduce costs and waste to the bare minimum to increase profit and, therefore, his pay. Sounds good in theory, but as you pointed out, there won't be much profit to go around. The way we are structuring the company is the three owners (myself included) will earn a small salary and take no profits until the debtors are repaid (meaning all profits go tow
  2. Hi all, I am in the process of opening a Mexican taqueria in Europe. We have a Mexican chef who will be running the kitchen, and he prefers to be paid a lower salary but have a share of the profits. We don't want to offend him with a low salary as he is integral to legitimizing our project in the eyes of our market (most Mexican restaurants here are terrible and do not have actual Mexicans cooking the food). So my question is: what percentage of profits is appropriate to offer? As a new restaurant with investors and the bank to repay we can't be giving a large percentage, but at the same time,
  3. Bistro Paul Bert L'Ebauchoir Frenchie Spring (downstairs) L'Avant Comptoir Fish La Boissonerie Rino Le Verre Volé Le Garde-Robe Chateaubriand
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