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  1. Wow, I am blown away at how helpful everyone is. I honestly was expecting a lot of cynicism, as I would be cynical of myself-was I not an opportunist:) This has evolved into exactly what I was looking for, The Legends Cocktail sounds like a show stopper, and I am excited to try many of the others. It seems there are quite a few gin fans here which makes me happy. I have Dale Degroff's book, maybe I need to buy the second one.
  2. Tri2cook you are exactly right, I think you understand very well what I want to do. I want to make a drink for a girl and her to think wow, this is the best thing I have ever had outside of the ubertrendy bars that me an my friends go to. I would be happy to replicate any of the popular girly drinks at bars. I have found that girls at this age don't really want something to appreciate-although I do- they want something to blow them away with sweetness or fruitiness. Basically sensual over subtle. So let me rephrase this way, while I have a decent stock of liquor, I can't have everything. I am looking for suggestions for a signature girly sweetish drink that a young girl would order at a trendy expensive bar and rave about. One which I can buy the stuff for and make over and over again with positive results every time. As my first post on egullet I must say that I am overwhelmed with the awesome responses and all have so far been extremely helpful. Thanks! and keep them coming!
  3. I am a college student, therefore I often find myself in the company of young ladies, 21 lets say. I am wondering if anyone could throw out some cocktails that would really wow a such a young female. Looking through cocktail books can be overwhelming and I would like to have one or two drinks that I can craft that would really impress and be enjoyed. Anything from the simple to the extravagant, or one of each perhaps. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!
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