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  1. Coming from someone who is a steak lover and eaten in most of the top steakhouses in NYC-- My faves: Traditional: Peter Luger Keens Old Homestead Smith and Wollensky Newer: Strip House BLT Prime Quality Meats Best Steak from non steakhouse: Minetta Tavern Craft
  2. I haven't been to these but want to try them and heard good things: Congee Village Amazing 66 NY Noodletown Hop Kee Big Wong
  3. In Manhattan: Nuela Marc Forgione Le Bernardin Toqueville Telepan SHO Shaun Hergatt Jean Georges Per Se Park Avenue Spring, Summer, Winter Perilla Degustation Torrisi Ai Fiori Ciano Osteria Morini Aldea Colicchio and Sons Riverpark David Burke Townhouse Abe and Arthur's Aureole Artisanal Blue Hill DB Bistro Moderne Casa Mono In Brooklyn: Dressler Diner Buttermilk Channel Prime Meats Roberta's Fette Sau Yeah a lot but thats just half of it lol.
  4. One burger spot that does not get mentioned is Rare Bar and Grill. The t-bone burger is amazing and they have an awesome fries basket (sweet potato, waffle, and shoe string) and their onion rings are terrific. As for others mentioned on the board Peter Luger and the BLB at Minetta are delicious (although MT's fries suck). Steer clear of the Burger Joint in Parker Meridien. Very overrated. Shopsin's sliders are mouthwatering goodness.
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