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  1. Years ago (in the late 80s), Ben & Jerry's made a brownie bar, which was two very thin fudgy brownies around vanilla ice cream. They disappeared and then came back in the early 90s and then disappeared again. According to the folks at B&J, the demand was there but they consistently had production problems with the brownies. I went to UVM where these treats were available in the dining hall and student center. So good. Thanks for all the suggestions for how to make homemade sandwiches. I know Nabisco's Famous Chocolate Wafers also work well. And, yes, when you go the homemade route, you can have any flavor ice cream you want. I asked the question specifically because sometimes it's nice to have a reasonably tasty store-bought option.
  2. In a recent trip to the frozen dessert aisle I noticed how hard it is to find ice cream sandwiches that are made with ice cream, i.e., not ice milk, not frozen dairy dessert, etc. I purchased a box of Hood, a brand available in the Northeast, and later realized even though what I purchased was ice cream, the novelty was vanilla flavored ice cream with chocolate flavored wafers and really didn't taste like either vanilla or chocolate. Is it still possible to purchase a good traditional ice cream sandwich and, if so, what brand should I look for?
  3. I read recently that a store devoted to Swedish candy has opened in Manhattan. Sockerbit is at 89 Christopher Street in the West Village. Here's the Flickr page.
  4. My apologies if I wasn't clear enough. I meant a site that either lets you list the cookbooks in your collection and/or indexes the recipes like Eat Your Books does. Being able to list cooking magazines would be an added bonus.
  5. What websites allow you to put personal cookbook collections online? I know about Eat Your Books and Gobbeldybook. Are there others? Favorites?
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