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  1. Hello all I am planning a road trip to the maritime, passing by halifax, cabot trail, charlottetown then back around la Gaspésie. First time ever, so any suggestion of very great restaurant in halifax and charlottetown? Thanks in advance Chris
  2. Its been there for 1 day only I will use it for beef wellington
  3. Hello everyone A friend brough me some Puff pastry from his workplace. It was frozen but i Forgot the pastry in the small kitchen fridgo at work. So now the pastry has thaw. I need the pastry in 1 week only. What should i do with it? Keep it thaw or refrozen it? What is the best way to keep it for the coming week? Tanks Chris
  4. Thank you all for all the reply. With all that reading in mind, I will try something this weekend that I think will yeild something really great. Can wait to tast them!! Later all wawa
  5. Hello all I have a set of baby back ribs ready in the freezer and now that the sumer is finaly arriving I wish to grill/smoke them. Last time I did it, I used a Dry rub and let set overnight, then slowly cook for 2-3 hours in the BBQ with some wood chip for smooky flavor. The taste was perfect, meat well done and falling of the bone but the ribs were a little dry. I remember reading somewhere, but cant find it back, that some people spray the rib regularly during the cooking/smoking process. Something like water, cider vinegar and other liquid, put in a spray bootle, and spay a little every 15-20 minutes. At the and of cooking, of course rubs with BBQ sauce. Anyone heard of that liquid to spray, have any receipt and success with that sort of technic? Thanks wawa
  6. wawa


    I'm no expert, but that is not the way I use to see tourtière made in my familly (I'm a french Canadian from Quebec) In my memory, meat, onion and stock was mix together then let site in fridge overnight. Then dough was put in a large bowl, potatoes is add to meat mixture with some spice (I would have to ask around for exact spice) and cover with an other dough. Cook slowly in oven for 5-6 hours, last 45 minutes uncover. Thats the way I remember it was made. Fast cooking in pan and quick baking in oven look more like a meat pie, not a tourtière. But there is a lot of debate on what is the exacte real receipt of tourtière in Quebec. Happy cooking everyone Chris
  7. I just had my diner yesterday at Citronelle with my girlfriend. Overall, the experience was pretty good. At first we felt a little uneasy. The servers were a little uptight, but after some small talk the ambiance relaxed and we started having fun with them. The food was really excellent. I'm not a big seafood guy, but my favorite part was the first 3 plates (couteau chowder, halibut and lobster burger). And the wine pairing was perfect. After the diner, the server offer us the visite the kitchen. It was great to speak french with chef Richard and kitchen chef Deshaies. If we ever come back with friends, we will defenitly take the chef table in the kitchen. Allright, now time for Bombay club tonight! Chris
  8. I'm so happy to ear all those good comments. I have a reservation and I will try La Promenade Gourmande for sur with wine pairing. Cant wait to be there. We will also try Rasika for my girlfriend who love indian food. the only thing I'm still not decided is for Barbeque. When I lived in Champaign Illinois, there was a really good BBQ restaurant there (dont remember the name) and now that I'm back living in Québec City, I miss the BBQ restaurant. We dont have real BBQ here. Right now I'm looking at Capital Q or Old Glory Amerrican BBQ. My week in washington should be a good one! I'm also looking at DC metro food tour, maybe the Easton Market tour. Of course there is also all the monuments tu see, White house, Capitole, Lincon Memorialm Smithsonian Museum etc etc. I wont have enought time for all sightseeing and food eating Bye Chris
  9. Hello Well I have tryed to get reservation at Mini Bar but of course I wasnt succesful. So Now i'm looking at other option some have suggest, like Proof, Cafe Atlantico etc. I also came across Citronelle website and its look very good. No one suggest it. Anyone ever try it? Is it good? Thanks Chris comming soon to Washington DC.
  10. Good suggestion, look good. I also took a look at minibar. Seam interesting too. We just love to have a amazing meal in highend restaurant once a year. Its kinda a tradition we've started during the annual meeting she is attending. thanks. More suggestion anyone? anything on Bar-B-Que? Chris
  11. My girl friend has a meeting in washington at the begining of october. We will be staying at the Topaz Hotel on N Street. We would like to have a great american style Bar-B-Que meal (not a lot of these in Quebec City). Anything short distance from the hotel to recommand? Any other good restaurant we should try, like great asian or indian (my GF love indian food). Also last year meeting was in Chicago, so we had to try Alinea. That was awesome, one of the beast meal I ever had. Next year its in San Francisco, so we are already planning to go to the French Laundry. Anything that good to suggest in Washington. Something with an impressing tour menu? Got to reserve fast has the trip is approaching. Thanks in advance for the suggestions Chris
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