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  1. thanks for the feedback. i believe the recipe for the pflaumenkuchen did call for the lattice though
  2. that's what my brother said. thanks a lot for the confirmation.
  3. <img src=>
  4. <img src=http://p502.badoo.com/802/8/0/3/1300677208/1282783018/t1410543085/c_TOT8EXdT6MhBsEaSGWvfPkSajVNcZ8Qm8Y1AYjL1CEE/1282822945_96.jpg>
  5. i have a question about the german pastry bakebook, by margit stoll dutton. on the back cover photo, which pie is on the bottom left of the photo? Thanks a lot.
  6. the question has already been answered. it's "hershey's kidsnacks"
  7. yeah it's the name of the book. yeah i was way off, it was not betty crocker
  8. Djyee, does the book you found at the public library have a recipe for hamburger cookies? Could you check, please? Thanks a lot.
  9. The one at my library was the 1984 edition, so you may be onto something here. I'll do some more googling now. Thanks a lot.
  10. if anyone knows from what betty crocker cookbook those hamburger cookies are from, please post.
  11. Here is just such a recipe from Betty Crocker. No mention of which book it originally appeared in, but sounds like you're on the right track. Betty Crocker Hamburger Cookies thanks james, that looks familiar to me, i'll do more research on it.
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