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  1. I would second Sushi of Shiori. I have had the Omakase menu twice, both were completely different and utterly fantastic.
  2. Really glad you enjoyed Angela's, strangely I also enjoyed my first taste of Grouse there. The 3 that you tried on Saturday in Exeter are nearly always fully booked in advance. I think this is due to a combination of them being very good, but also that they are possibly the only restaurants of anywhere near their standard in the area (bar ''The HH'' mentioned earlier).
  3. I would personally recommend either The Conservatory (no website), Angela's (http://www.angelasrestaurant.co.uk/) or the HH in Broadclyst (10 minutes in a taxi, location here: www.the-hh.co.uk/) in preference to MC Abode in Exeter. I've always found the cooking to be fantastic in all 3, although the HH is the real standout! The Exploding Bakery on Queen St, next door to Central Station is also brilliant! (no website, but a good review here: http://www.bilbymarketing.co.uk/bites/foodie/the_exploding_bakery/)
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