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  1. Well, I thought Id throw an update here, I DID land a new gig, at a better restaurant! I did include the cascadia experience, and in the end, that made the difference. Of course I nailed my tryout cooking for them too, but, I can happily report that advice was casually followed!
  2. In the state of Washington its a legal requirement of the health department, I remember asking an inspector about it, and it came down to either having that on the menu, or banning certain types of foods. I think they made the right choice.
  3. Thank you very much for the responses! Wherever I work next I do intend to stay for at least a year, I have been at my current job just north of two years, which is part of the reason I want to move on, broaden my experience! anyways, once again thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Aaron
  4. Hi e-gullet, I'm Aaron, I live in Seattle, and I am a professional cook by trade, its come to that time where I'm looking to move up in the wonderful world of cooking from my current position at my current restaurant. a little background, it may not be super unusual in this country(or at least this part of the country) but I came in to semi-fine dining from working at Papa John's and another local variation there in, so aside from the place I currently work, my resume isn't super duper sparkling(yet). Obviously, I'm not exactly super stoked to have those two items on my resume, but it is what it is. The question pertains to dropping one of those off of my resume, and including my time at Cascadia, I was there roughly two weeks, and it was sold right as I was getting up to speed, should I include this? or should I leave it off, even though it's far more impressive looking that PJ's or the other Local Pizzeria?
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