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  1. I agrree with Janeer a thermopen is a great gift for chefs. Its very usefull to most chefs. They can put in the pocket so you have ensure your website address is visible. Apart for them a small set of knifes with your company logo engraved is also a great gift
  2. In terms of wait staff etiquete there's a lot to learn. My advice to my team is always what I learned from my mentors is Service is common sense- using common sense to what your customer needs or doesn't need. So you don't ovewhelm him. attitude - an good attititude to provide good service desire to do a good job- to havea stron dsire to do a good job. To make people happy This is the basic of good service
  3. I agree with you. This new hip restaurants are designed for the young yuppie crowd which are normally not that loyal as when there's a new place that is better and more hip, they will move there. If you plan to open a restaurant avoid this criteria. as most people I have noticed like to dine in a place where they don't have to shout their orders, wait for the attention of the wait staff as they are busy doing some else. I myself like to dine in nice quiet settings. where I can take time enjoying my food, without having the impression that they are people waiting for my table and the waitstaff waiting to get me out of the door
  4. I don't own a restaurant but I have been working in the hospitality as a manager in the food outlets. What I have found you have to be careful on people who write reviews. It might be also be bad reviews. I have written some ideas in my website Restaurant Promotion Ideas, of you need some. The Charity was a good idea. I am going to try out one soon.
  5. For improvement, I train my staff to ask the guest how's everything? we have a book where the staff writes the guest comments. FRom there we brainstormn how to solve the problem. We have also identified which of the cooks needs proper training and which cook is a good cook. It has solve alot of bad comments on the web and also increase on repeat business. My staff is train to let me know on even the smallest comment from the guest.
  6. My pet peeves as a the service personnel is 1.Customer asking us " What's nice here ?" Of Course everything listed on the menu is nice, nobody wants to waste time selling an item that is not nice. So what I train my staff to say is "Everything is nice but so so dish is popular here" 2. Customer asking mentioned earlier is the food fresh . Do you think the waiter will tell you that the prawns have been in the fridge for a week or so, and lose your business. 3. Customers holding up the waiter asking questions when there are ther tables waiting to order. That's why put pictures of the dishes in my menus.
  7. As for me. I would have left that place. If the booses couldn't care less why should we. When the hotel I worked took over a hotel in an island in asia. I was posted there to help take over and rebuild the restaurants. The main breakfast area had a large sign from the local health municipal that the place was very clean and so was the kitchen. One day we had to come in early as there was a group wanted early breakfast. the minute we walked in the kitchen, we some some mice running on the sauce and table. We immediately remove the sign and did major cleanup.
  8. As for me. I'm working as the F&B Manager in a hotel that has 2 restaurants and 2 bars. I insist that my service staff writes everything down. Even the special request. Reason being the staff might get distracted while walking to the POS. A guest might me calling them asking for something and later they will confuse with the orders. Even if the guest orders one ite, they have to write it down.
  9. I agree with Fuzzy Chef. I think its hard to ban photography in restaurants as everyone's mobile have a camera. I think the said restaurants is unsure of their quality and presentation as if the food comes out bad and you have photos of it you can blog it and then they will get bad publicity on the world wide web. I have a good chef and would love people taking photos of my food and blogging about it. I too love to take food shots, I've seen some places when the service staff look at you differently if you start taking out photos of their food, even the chefs comes out. Also one of the reason I have noticed on the web is that people only like to write bad things, nobody writes about a wonderful meal they had or a wonderful service they received. That's why everyone is worried nowadays cause on the web its a free for all. Anyone can blog about anything
  10. I work as a senior member in a restaurant. I like to be friendly with the guest children. Most parents love you dotting over their children and if the restaurant is child friendly they will return. That is what I train my team to do. But I also train them to observe the parents body language as some parents don't like the attention. I like serving kids cause they don't have any racial issue. To them everyone is the same. Its easier to please most of them than some adults. So I agree with Lilija maybe he misses his kids or maybe he is having a bad day and he needs to take his mind of what happens. In this industry nowadays we get a lot of pain in the #### customers. So when a cute kid come along, seeing he/her smile really makes our day. It really works for me . Delivery Great Customer Service
  11. I agree with Joisey. Look around for a good school to get your certificate then get a good mentor chef and hold on to him for dearlife. Absorb everything he can teach you. I am manager in a hotel that have a few restaurant. More often than not I have seen young kids coming out from college expecting to be the top guy. My advice is work hard, learn hard. Nothing beats experience in our line of work.
  12. I agree that a website should have large Flash or large download PDF Menus. Our company website had this large Flash presentation that you have to wait about a minute or so to go through it. Work with a Flash that enables the customer to opt out of it and go straight to main website. We used to put jpeg pictures of our menus in our site but to make it a smaller download size, we had to make do with lower pixe quality. Now I put my menus on PDF using a freeware called CutePDF. My suggestion is don't only trust your webmaster. Go to your webiste and feel how the guest would feel if he was to go to your site.
  13. This is true. In the food industry , I have seen most of my bosses and friends addicted to coffee. We have to get our early morning fix before we start work. As for me I need to have a cup of strong coffee first before I start work or before I hear any problems and situation happen before. If something happens before my first cup of coffee then my whole day will be bad.
  14. Well most chefs I have worked with don't like putting pictures of their dishes on menus, posters or even their website. They are afraid that the food might not come out to the table same as what is advertised if they are not around. But they forget something if the picture of the food is taken out beautfully and it looks yummy, you will get a lot more orders. This I found true when I put pictures of the food next to their explanation. In the past people ordered food that they were familiar with like something from the local area but with the pics they tried other items.By the way my present chef is OK with putting pictures in the menus and website cause he makes sure his staff follow the pictures
  15. azmilsyahmi

    Raw Eggs in Beer

    When I was young I heard that if you take a raw egg in your guiness stout daily,it will help you put on some weight. Growing up skinny I tried it. Its not that bad. But it didn't work for me, I'm Still skinny
  16. I worked with lots of chefs who feel the world revolves around them. They forget that the front staff are the one that helps promote their food. What i do and train some of my team is to upsell the items that are easy to carry. If you want to get even then sell items that is hard to prepare. I did this in my former place, I sold 15 nos of a certain dish that so difficult to prepare. You should have heard them cursing at the back. To the Chefs reading this post. Remember the person in front promotes your dish so be nice to us.
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