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  1. Jenni, I have much interest in Kulfi, but have not made any yet to date. It intrigues and intimidates me. Honkman, I would say it is both less fat and less overrun gives gelato the more intense flavor. I would never use 2% milk as a substitute for whole milk, but I use skim mill for the solids. It always intrigued me to read premium ice cream labels that had skim milk in it, but it really does work. My chocolate works amazing with the 1/3 HC, 1/3 WM, 1/3 SM, it is great. I use 8 egg yolks in my vanilla per quart, cause I'm french and that is a tradition there. My next ice cream conquest fru
  2. A funny thing is, that my mom (from France) raised us on a butter heavy cream diet. I generally have no issue with adding fat! However, if I can I do prefer less fat. Think of how Gelato has more intense taste than ice cream, it is because the fat gets in the way of the flavor, it coats your tongue! I will share my recipes as they become perfected, but not just yet, who knows, perhaps I will name my first vanilla "Jenni"
  3. Hi Jenni, I'm trying to make a commercially viable product, not just going for taste alone, which I already have done via the perfect scoop. But just imagine if you were looking over the label of an ice cream with that much FAT. Fat also gets in the way of the flavor. Besides I like to eat a fair amount of my ice cream. I use milk and skim milk for various reasons and good taste results. Skim milk has solids that cream does not. Whole milk fat particles are great for ice cream, or so I have read (and my product does taste amazing!) As far as cream goes, I usually use fresh, but have used stor
  4. I've been working on my vanilla ice cream since day one! I got very excited over David Lebovitz book the perfect scoop. I made great vanilla. But I had an issue with the recipe. Why so much fat? Right? The more I continued to make vanilla ice cream with the 2 to 1 heavy cream to whole milk, the heavier my conscience became! I have worked real hard to get quality results using fresh ingredients, but as I cut out the fat, the ice cream paid a price. I now use the following mix 1qt heavy cream, 1 qt whole milk, 1 qt skim milk, roughly 14% milk fat, the equivalent of commercial premiums. I also u
  5. Kougin, It is sad, really! Too much cooking, never go out to eat!
  6. The flour makes little difference in pizza, it is high heat, kneading and sourdough. If you do not have high enough heat, your pizza is gonna become a dried out biscuit and not what it was intended to be. On my grill, a 14" pizza takes about 3-5 minutes, I'm close to 700F. When the grill is cooler (rain, cooler weather) it will not get so hot. Fresh Mozz, I get very good stuff in North Haven, 13.50 for three pound bucket, so it is not too bad. You can use dried mozz, Sallys, Pepes and Johnnies all use it and who can say it is inferior? Tomatoes, that could be expensive, but worth it.
  7. When I lived in New Haven (man do I miss Sallys), people would get Dominoes. To me, that is way worse than inner/outer ring It is plain sick. There are good very good and great pizza places all around and all you could do wuz call up the D?
  8. My Piccata is pretty simple. 2 good sized FRENCH shallots, chopped. 1/2 bottle of small capers (very important)drained bottle of cheap white (I have settled on Liberty Creek Chard) 1.25 sticks of butter 1 cup of chicken broth Juice from one lemon @2 TBSP of flour I brown the shallots on medium lo with .25 stick of butter. When they are close to being browned introduce the capers. As they finish add the flour in slowly. You may need to add more butter, slightly. let them cook together for several minutes. Slowly add some wine. It should get thick then thinned and keep adding a little at a tim
  9. That is what I find great about America. The owner believes in showing his beliefs on his sleeve. Others do not. You may be offended. Oh my. But when you walk through the mall and see victoria's secret, Hot Topic, etc, do you see that their belief system is written on the walls as well? Does it upset you, or do you just not think about it? Do you complain if you get a falafel and their is a quote from the Quoran? Personally, having the courage of their convictions is far better to show it out in public than hide it away.
  10. Emery Thompson has Infinite Over Run Control standard on their little machine and optional on the rest. It goes from 1 RPM to 234 RPMs without loss of torque. Gelato should have 20-35% air compared to American ice cream which has 50% air, so 200-234 RPM for American vs 140-150 RPM for Gelato. Sorbets get- maximum air, as water only adds 17% volume, you need as much air in it as possible. Carpigiani LB 502 has 2 speeds one high one low. I think it is good to remember it is not the machines, but the artist behind the machines.
  11. I got the Whnter SNO 2 Liter Machine. The first one had to be returned, the second one I just got and it seems really good, but so was the first. I tried canisters for years and hated them, just not enough ice cream But a little is better than none!
  12. My brother in law, kind man that he is, gave us a Weber gas grill (Spirit E310) earlier this summer, along with a bunch of accessories, including a pizza stone. First pizza was ok (toppings great, crust, ugh) but they keep getting better. I take out the flavor racks and let the grill get up to heat (600+ degrees F), then I put the pizza stone all the way to the back, centered left to right. I let the stone get hot (about 20 minutes) then prepare the pie. Thin crust pizza (Sallys fan here) is my favorite. They cook with char under four minutes. I have just received from Sourdough International
  13. I love making hi end sandwiches with a nice baguette (in the parts ecce panis makes a decent french stick), chicken Marsala, Chicken Picatta, pour the sauce on the bread, cover with provolone, bake cheese into bread add Chicken, then pour sauce and more provolone. Have a salad and you have a complete meal. I think my sandwich versions are better, tastier and far easier to transport than the meal version. Hot dog sandwiches split hotdogs, cheeze kraut (Cooked down to nothing, soft as can be), american cheese, relish, grey poupon, as a grilled cheese. I love baking in provolone into Hormel Delus
  14. Made the TPS Chocolate Ice Cream (French) and the Philly Vanilla. The Chocolate has to be the best chocolate Ice cream I have ever had, the vanilla, not so much, kinda too sweet and the vanilla is just ok. The chocolate, oh my, it is creamy, tasty and amazing, chocolate! I used only partial dutch process cocoa and a teeny bit more dark chocolate (Did not have any bittersweet laying around). The custard just tasted ok, but once out of the machine, WOW! I won't share (ha). I used super premium milk and cream (FRESH) from a local dairy (glass bottles) and it made all the difference. The vanilla
  15. Being from CT, Hot lobster rules here, and it is quite good. I have had them at Martys (RIP), The Clam Castle and they are great. I think what is different than the Neptune one is, that the Neptune looks like it is almost cooked in butter whereas in CT they are steamed lobster kept warm and butter added to the top. I loved Bayleys lobster pound, right on the water! I had a cold and a mix breed, cold with mayo, but hot butter served and it was amazing, my wife frowned on the calories! Really the best is home made. You make it your way. I like it with just a touch of mayo and s+P on a buttered
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