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  1. Christ

    Fig butter

    What Marmish said is correct you can use any kind of red wine in making recipes. There is no restriction that this wine is not suitable for making wine recipes.
  2. Christ

    Wine Storage at Home

    Can anyone tell me the factors that have to be kept in mind to prevent the stored wine? Thanks in advance!
  3. Christ

    Bottle Variation

    It was a useful video Don Giovanni thanks for sharing it
  4. Me too also agree with what David and Don have said. The price would go up for some collectible wines.
  5. The shape of the glass can affect the aroma of the wine. So that only different wine has different shape of glasses. For example: White wine glasses - the glass should be shaped like a tulip Red wine glasses - the glass should be round with large bowl Sparkling wine glasses - the glass should be tall and thin Dessert wine glasses - the glass should be smaller directing to the back of the mouth.
  6. Hey nice thread ya its good to know more about ice wine. Thanks guys!
  7. Christ

    Scambia Pinot Nero 1998

    Scambia Pinot Nero 1998 (Italian for Pinot Noir) is from the Antica Selva di Meana Estate near Orvieto in Allerona, Umbria. It has Dark garnet color.
  8. It was a nice article Don Giovanni thanks for sharing. And what CKatCook say is right. So when people go to shop the wine they give exercise to their body which burns their calories and prevents them from putting weight.
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