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  1. ChickenStu

    Using bacon fat in mayonnaise

    As long as the fat stays liquid it should work fine, so you wouldnt be able to refer it.
  2. Adrenaline, excitement, nerves, pressure, etc.
  3. ChickenStu

    Peanut Butter Cups That Don't Suck

    One of my instructors at FCI told us that reeses developed a sleeve for their pbc that keeps the candy fresh. Through taste tests, they found people preferred the slightly rancid version they were used to, so they didn't switch to the new sleeve. Could be a made up story, but I dont know why anyone would make that up.
  4. ChickenStu

    Caviar - Where to start

    I think the idea of caviar is usually better than the actual stuff. If you like it, its expensive, if you dont, you just blew $50 you could have used on a nice big pork belly.
  5. ChickenStu

    Top Chef: Just Desserts -Season 1

    How boring would the show be if every challenge was 'make the best food', here is everything you would ever need.... you have 48 hours to test and retest your recipe. Its a competition and a reality show, its meant to entertain the viewer and challenge the contestants. The people who hold the competition have complete control over the challenges because it is theirs, if they want to make you create a dress out of food then do it if you want to win. The contestant who has the best fundamental skills, creativity, and ability to adapt to ingredients and environments is the one who wins.
  6. ChickenStu

    Gin Infusions

    Deaths door isnt a bad gin, I actually really like it...I usually drink it or hendricks. I dont like gins with strong juniper flavors, thats when they start tasting pine-needly.
  7. Uhhhhh...who told you lugers doesnt take reservations?? They do....
  8. ChickenStu

    Julie and Julia - the movie

    To read from the necronomicon......... I hated that Meryl Streep played Julia Child. Her voice was too high anyway. Julia Child disliked her for her role in the alar scare in the 80s, and they had very different views on food....which would be fine other then the fact that streep sits on her high horse telling people to eat organic even though many americans still eat processed foods constantly, not even fresh foods at all. So cant we start with helping people to eat fresh food? Jamie Oliver is the closest thing we have to Julia today, telling and helping people to eat fresh foods and foods in moderation.
  9. ChickenStu

    Stupidest gadget awards

    Plating tongs are different, they are precise metal instruments for intricate work, not plastic tongs for grabbing chips. Most people and restaurants have no use for them but there is definitely a market. Anybody ever see the easy egg cracker?
  10. Lugers is the best, its really not that far out of manhattan, its just off the williamsburg bridge, and by just off i mean you can hit the bridge with a rock from the front door. Other then that, Quality Meats is a worthwhile try.
  11. ChickenStu

    Foams/Espumas - GREEN

    chorophyll is the way to go, try parsley or even cilantro. Although parsley and spinach usually yield the best results.
  12. Something needs to change so there are no floaters like kevin. I wish they would go back to the season 1, 2, 3 format where there are no chef/owners and no executive chefs.
  13. ChickenStu

    Rice pudding

    citrus zest, cardamom, and star anise. Try amping up the salt a bit, i know there is salt in milk but it could probably hold a bit more.
  14. ChickenStu

    Stupidest gadget awards

    Does the finger guard that comes with benriners count?
  15. ChickenStu

    Cooling food down in batches before storage

    Go to your local restaurant supply and get a 12 quart cambro, and a metal bain marie that will fit inside and leave ample room for ice and water. Maybe 6 quart. Metal is key because of conduction. Ice and water in the cambro, bain goes in, spin the bain, stir the liquid, cool in no time.