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  1. Thank you, John DePaula. There is a library in the French Culture Center here. I can find a lot of materials for learning. I plan to learn the language in France this fall. Maybe I will find a internship in the pastry shop in order to know this filed in advance. I am a novice of pastry. I worked in the press before, I bake at home in my spare time. My dream is to open a pastry shop in Beijing. Now I want to change my career and to chase my dream.
  2. Thank you! I saw the site, it's very nice, but I can't watch the video. Because it's only available in the US and Canada. And thank you for the information. I can't make the move in a month either. I wish someone will cancel earlier. Have a nice time in Paris!
  3. Congratulations! I wish I could be your classmate. But unfortunately, I was not accepted, they put me in the waiting list. Maybe I applied a little late. If still no luck, I will apply for the next session. Both English and French are not my mother tongue. I speak Chinese. Now I am learning french in Alliance Francaise in Beijing. I think the course there are the best I can find in China. We use the books Alter Ego. I will look for Capretz videos.
  4. Salut a tous! I have learned a lot from this topic! Thank you! In fact, I have applied the pastry course in ESCF in september 2010. Now I am waiting for the results. I will follow up this thread on the progress.
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