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  1. dcarch

    Dinner 2021

    You forgot, happy stomachs!!! Sous vide and BBQed lamb breast ribs. dcarch
  2. Entirely possible. There is always electric connections in all ovens, the light, the convection fan, and we have electric ovens. A 500 Watt pin will give you 1,700 BTUs. But still a problem because meat is a very poor heat conductor. Thank goodness meat is a poor heat conductor, otherwise browning meat will be a disaster. very good comment. But no. I have not. All heat for phase changing heat still have to come from the size of the available heat collecting surface. The surface area of the "heat Pipe" shown will be able to collect no more than a few BTUs.
  3. "Wear shoes while cooking!!!!" Wear (proper)shoes while cooking !!!!!! Not these shoes!!! dcarch
  4. May be this can explain things in a different way: If a very hot pin (or rod) of limited surface area can be effective in getting sufficient heat into a large piece of cold meat to make cooking better, would n't it be easier to have a pin (a rod) that is electrically heated? Wouldn't a cooking pin like that be widely available and already in everyone's kitchen? Another consideration, a heat pipe conducts heat both ways. Imagine what that will do to your timing concept of resting meat for carryover heat to work? dcarch
  5. dcarch

    Dinner 2021

    An international dinner. Korean garak-guksu noodles, Argintina red shrimps, Americaan carrots, Chinese cauliflower, garnished with Japanese Okahijiki. dcarch
  6. $20 solution, no chemicals used: Ozone generation UV light, plastic bag over plants. Done in a couple of hours. dcarch
  7. That is a correct suggestion. But before you do that, you may want to soak the spout and the whistle into a cleaner such as URNEX TABZ to clean out old stuff inside and the ball valve. dcarch
  8. That looks like corrosion damage. And I don't think that piece of metal is supposed to be there. dcarch
  9. I just looked at a few tea kettles about the same design as yours on youtube. It appears that the whistling comes form the top, not from the spout. Are you sure? dcarch
  10. OK. I am not 100% sure, but this may be the problem. In order for the whistle to work, there has to be some kind of a valve to shut off the steam from going out the spout. If the valve is stuck, (by a tea leaf?) the steam will escape from the spout instead of blowing the whistle. Check that out with a flashlight. Just guessing. dcarch
  11. can you show a picture of your Simplex kettle ? dcarch
  12. It's not a crepe pan. It's a crepe souffle pan, kind of like a breakfast skillet. But if you really want to make crepes with it, how about turning it over and use the back side, dcarch
  13. It's a PAUL REVERE WARE Limited Edition crepe souffle flat bottom pan. dcarch
  14. dcarch

    Dinner 2020

    Not the same art as Campbell Soup. Different style. Still food related. dcarch
  15. Heat conductivity is a function of two factors, i.e. conductivity of the materials in contact and the surface area in direct contact. 1. What is the total area of the heat pipe in direct contact with meat? four square inches? How fast can you cook a turkey if your frying pan is only four square inches big? 2. The heat pipe indeed can conduct heat fast, however, speed of conductivity being a constant (assuming that the meat is not moving), how fast can meat conduct heat where is in contact with the heat pipe even the pipe can conduct heat super fast? Also, th
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