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  1. I'm roasting my own more and more, using a west bend poppery II that I found on ebay for $20.

    Most recently I was able to buy some green beans from a local roaster for $6/lb - this was a Peru origin that undoubtedly is pretty cheap and unremarkable, but I find that freshness goes a really long way in producing an enjoyable cup of coffee and you can't beat the price compared to roasted beans at the store.

  2. This brings up a question, is there any chance on the foreseeable future that we will be able to obtain a decent chamber sealer un the sub 600 range or are they just destined to remain in the $1+ range.

    Not quite at the sub $600 range yet, but I just got an email from Sous Vide Supreme announcing their own chamber vacuum sealer for $799

    I really want one of these!

  3. Green smoothies, definitely! Get some cheap frozen mango or pineapple from Trader Joes (or go all out and get fresh), a bunch of spinach, some ice cubes (depending on whether fruit was frozen or not), a banana and some ginger (no need to peel, the vitamix will take care of it no problem!), and maybe some OJ or additional water. I do this almost every day. So good.

  4. Just another data point - my wife and I had the best meal of our lives at the Four Seasons Spago last October. Did their tasting menu on the last night of our honeymoon and it was beyond incredible. Ferraro's at the same resort was also excellent but not as memorable. Can't comment on Duo as we never tried it for dinner.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, I really, really, really wish we had a Maui Tacos here in Chicago. It is some of the best fast food ever!!

  5. A couple weeks ago I made sous vide tri tip cooked in the bag with the Momofuku short rib marinade and it was incredible. A week later I made filet mignon with a simplified version of the marinade made with primarily just the pantry ingredients - soy sauce, sugar, mirin, sesame oil, apple juice. Still delicious. The best part of this was how easy the meat was to quickly brown afterwards without setting off the smoke alarm. Guess that was the sugar helping out.

    So now I'm on a quest to find more marinades to put in the vacuum bag that will help with post-sv browning. Any suggestions?

  6. I get frozen salmon from TJ's all the time and have had a pretty good experience with it. At the same time, I tend to cook it through much more than I would a piece purchased from a good fishmonger (or more likely ordered at a restaurant). Does anyone here cook their TJ's salmon on the rare side? What about mi cuit? I recently got a sous vide oven and am dying to try salmon in it this way.

    Also, most of the salmon I see there is wild, so this might be moot, but I'm guessing sushi would be a reckless move too. Has anyone lived dangerously this way either?

  7. I just bought a 1 1/2 pound piece of prime tri tip and am thinking about cooking it with the Momofuko short rib marinade in the bag. In doing research on sous vide tri tip, I'm finding that some people are cooking it like a tender cut at 90 minutes, and some are cooking it more like short ribs, for 12, 24, even 48 hours. What gives? For best results, shouldn't the nature of the cut dictate that it be one or the other?

  8. So I was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol and told I needed to rehaul my diet or else face the prospect of drug intervention. I'm in my mid thirties with a fast metabolism and slim physique, thus am not particularly concerned about overall calories. So does that mean I can go hog wild on good fats like olive oil, salmon and avocado?

  9. So I'm going to be making a couple sous vide ny strip steaks tonight and I want to put a black bean sauce on them (it's from a jar, bought from the asian market by my place), either to marinate, sous vide in, or just sear in at the end. For either of the first two options, I am unsure how this sauce will react in the sous vide cooker, and if I just sear it at the end, I wonder how good a sear I can get, given that the black bean sauce will probably burn fairly easily. Any ideas?

  10. It won't overcook as the temp never goes above med rare at 130, but I'd guess it'll take more than just 45 min. Search around a bit and see how tough or lean your meat appears. My short ribs cooked for some 8 hours and could have used more.

    I'm a little confused about knowing when the Demi has gotten my steak up to temperature. I filled the Demi with hot water from my tap, then put in the vacuum sealed ny strip steak which had been out of my refrigerator for about fifteen minutes. Within a matter of maybe five minutes the temperature display on the Demi registered 130 degrees. Now there's no way the steak has actually reached that, right? So how am I to know when it has? Is there a problem with my Demi?

  11. I was going to wait for my universal pouch rack to arrive, but have a strip steak that I want to try for tonight. For a single item like that, do you all think that placing it horizontally flat onto the bottom pan in the Demi will be a problem? This will be my first sous vide attempt and really looking forward to it.

    Also, this is probably not the thread for it, but I plan on seasoning the steak with a regular amount of kosher salt and pepper (the same amount I'd use if I were cooking non-sous vide), vacuum sealing with my foodsaver, then cooking at 130 for around 45 minutes or however long it takes to get up to temperature, followed by a quick sear in a blazing hot cast iron skillet. Bases covered?

  12. I received my Demi yesterday, the same day their universal pouch rack appeared for sale on their website. I grudgingly ordered it. Suppose it would have been possible to improvise a rack with various kitchen utensils/tools but the one for sale seems so much more convenient. It's a little strange and annoying that they don't include it with the Demi but I guess they're aggressively keeping costs down on the machine.

  13. Thanks for the report! I actually ordered one too, despite my misgivings about capacity and found your report reassuring.

    You write

    There's the platform with holes in the bottom and then a small grill to place your food on, no rack to keep several bags standing.

    So is it possible to leave any food portion vertically oriented with the standard grill? My understanding is that horizontal placement messes with the convection effect.

  14. The capacity description for the Demi is not very helpful for me. Twelve four ounce portions of food is fine, but what about a single 12oz steak? I'd find it hard to believe that the rack system inside is such that everything needs to be split into tiny pieces, but it'd be nice to get some more detail about just what and how you can fit various foods inside. But for this uncertainty, I would have pulled the trigger on the Demi last night, because $199 sounds like an unbelievable deal.

  15. I'm considering a Blendtec or Vita-Mix and leaning toward the latter because it is available at Macys where I have my wedding registry. However, in doing some research, I came across this Popular Mechanics blender faceoff on youtube and was confused and disappointed by some of the results. Neither did that much better than a $100 Kitchenaid blender, and the Blendtec completely failed at the apple test. Has anyone seen this?

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