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  1. Very messy and embarrassing photo, but my favorite cake! Toba Garrett's Chocolate Fudge Cake, with Rosie's buttercream (from here!), and the ganache from the epicurious Double chocolate layer cake.
  2. Thanks! This is helpful. I didn't know if the enameled steel would be able to tolerate the temperature. I'm sorry about your pot, Jim, that would be frustrating.
  3. I was wondering if anyone had experience using the Dansk Kobenstyle 4qt casserole for baking bread, especially no knead? I liked the idea that it's lighter than the cast iron (and I love how they look!), but I didn't know if there would be any drawbacks to the enameled steel for bread baking in particular.
  4. Cellophane it is! Thank you for the link - it looks like one order will last me a while!
  5. My parents have always made the caramels (traditional and chocolate) for the holidays. They'd dip some in chocolate and then wraps some. This year they both have trouble with their hands, so I'm taking on the caramels. They'd always cut waxed paper squares to wrap, but I have little patience for cutting the papers. Do you think I could use the squares like this? They seem a little large, but I always would cut the papers too small when I tried in the past. https://www.amazon.com/Restaurant-Grade-Hamburger-Avant-Non-Stick-Food-Grade/dp/B07JLRVRTS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=154481713
  6. These are all kind of oddball, but they're ones that I crave. They're not necessarily vegan, but I think they could be adapted pretty easily. Mushroom barley soup - I love the seared mushrooms http://www.bemindfulbehuman.com/index.php/warm-winter-soups-week-2016-mushroom-barley-soup/ Butternut squash turnover (the blogger adapted it to filo) - need a vegan pastry and a sub for the saltiness of the parmesan - little turnovers could be fun. http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/marta/archives/006420.html Beets with lime butter - though this may be because
  7. For the kid-friendly, maybe pulled pork and roast chicken? Those are reliable for my kids. I'll be watching for other kid ideas - this is something that seems to always be changing. We're at the age now where everyone eats dinner at a different time, and I love the idea of having a stash of single serve healthier items. I've not tried freezing regular mashed potatoes, but I have a couple of similar potato casserole recipes from mom and aunts that use 5 lb potatoes, 8oz cream cheese and 1c sour cream that can be frozen, thawed in fridge and then baked (350 45-60min) or microwa
  8. It is hard to find decaf options. I've looked more (at random times) for just unsweetened tea or coffee. I'm sure you already googled it, too, but vitacost seems to carry it at some locations (I don't know if there is one by your FIL). They also have it for $2/bottle and free shipping with $50 purchase (though it looks out of stock right now) http://www.vitacost.com/real-beanz-iced-coffee-relax-decaffeinated It looks like it's out of stock a lot online.
  9. We have linoleum (Armstrong, I think it's marmorette) in the kitchen. It's been really nice as far as clean up and not breaking anything, and it does feel warm and soft and matte (not shiny or sticky). We had wood floors in our last kitchen, and we have wood floors in the rest of the house, but it would have been too difficult to match. It was a little tricky to find an installer here, but forbo marmoleum has click if you're a diy-er.
  10. Shelby, the lemon bars I've made are my mom's (from another relative from ....), and they're 3/4c butter, 1 1/2c flour for the base and 3 eggs for the curd in a 9x13 pan. So I'm guessing they were probably a little thinner, but just how they are. I've never made any with baking powder, though, so I don't know how the frothy part might affect the height.
  11. Thanks! I did go ahead like you suggested, and I think it turned out well. Like other Ferber recipes I've made, it's a little softer set, at least right now. I'll check again tomorrow. It tastes amazing - like I'll be able to have chocolate covered orange peel for breakfast
  12. I was trying Ferber's Orange with Chocolate, and the first step is boiling 750g of Granny Smith apples with 3 c 2ounces water for 20min, and then straining through cheesecloth overnight. While I was doing the first boiling step, I was interrupted with a phone call, and it definitely boiled longer, probably 30-35 minutes total (instead of 20). I also have a jelly bag, but no cheesecloth, so I've been draining with the jelly bag. So far I have 1c of juice, instead of the 2c 1ounce that I should. She also says to leave the sediment in the bowl, and I definitely don't have any sediment (with t
  13. Anna - I'm sorry they were so touchy! I didn't remember them being so crumbly, but I do remember the world peace cookies being crumbly. I thought it was the rolling that I had trouble with. I looked back at some old pictures from one of the times I'd made them (edit: the espresso shortbread), and at first I thought maybe my chocolate was smaller chunks, but looking on the side, I don't know if that's true either. I'm sorry they didn't work out!
  14. Do you have a theme in mind (other than the white)? It seems the donut, doritos and ice cream are kind of thematic, and then the rice, cocoa and sourdough&brie could be another.
  15. This is a while back now, but I believe these are the labels that Trader Joe's uses for their pound plus. Milk (I have no idea of the percentage), Dark in a brown wrapper is 54%, and Bittersweet in a red wrapper is 72-74. I've used the bittersweet for dipping candied orange peel, and I really liked that. I also made this chocolate orange cheesecake on epicurious and didn't realize til the cheesecake was baking that there really wasn't much chocolate, so I topped with bittersweet ganache instead of orange glaze. The bittersweet worked really well there, too. I'll keep reading to see if
  16. Thanks, Kerry and pastrygirl! That is really helpful. I was just starting to get interested in chocolate, and then got busy for a few years. I've only tried tempering a few times, so I appreciate all the guidance! I have a few polycarbonate molds that I'll have to try to get some practice.
  17. I've been enjoying following all of your baking! With your shortbread and the comment on the world peace cookies, I thought of Dorie's espresso shortbread cookies from Baking from my home to yours. I am usually baking with consideration for kids, but grown ups seem to like these.
  18. Kim - I could sit down with a pan of those brownies for myself! Ruth - the edges of the cookies are so clean! Norm - the torte looks delicious - you found some great raspberries! After finding organic lemons at Costco (organic citrus is hard to find here in Wi), I've been loving a lemon meringue ice cream based on a Sherry Yard recipe shared here. It's just a cup of lemon curd, 1-2TB lemon juice and 1 1/4 c half and half. I use the whites leftover from the curd for the meringue, then cut up the meringue and blend it in the ice cream. Then I've been looking for a dark chocolate bund
  19. I was trying to make little chocolates for my kid's star wars valentines, using Trader Joe's dark pound plus(54%). I just used some silicone ice cube molds, and the Han Solo ones turned out well, but the hearts were out of temper and all bloomed like crazy where they touched the mold. You can see a clear line on the side of the heart. Is there some way I could try treating or prepping the mold? Any other especially obvious things I did wrong?
  20. Anna N - your crumble looks fantastic! I have some blackberries and pears waiting for me. Franci - great cut of those raspberries! The cake looks delicious.
  21. I was thinking of the ruffle cake, too! Or the roses http://thegirlinspired.com/2013/03/tips-for-making-swirled-rose-cake/ If you're still interested in browsing decorating ideas, I've loved distopiandreamgirl's cakes on flickr. This currant one is my favorite http://www.flickr.com/photos/probonobaker/1290650410/in/faves-52772824@N06/ Here's others, too https://www.flickr.com/photos/probonobaker/
  22. We have ramps, and I gave some to my dad. They transplanted very well! In our yard, they're on a wooded hillside, but they're doing great for him in a border garden next to some roses and mint. We also have morels, which just came up, and lots of violets. We'll have to try the daylilies, too. Later in the year we'll have wild black cherries. We also have tons of highbush cranberry, though I was disappointed to find it was the invasive, non-native. It really tastes terrible! From the actual garden, here in WI, we're just getting rhubarb, asparagus and pea shoots.
  23. My husband likes the peanut butter cookie lara bars, so I'd found this site when looking for a homemade alternative http://leitesculinaria.com/88638/recipes-homemade-larabars.html which looks like it's from this book? And then purchased 5 lb of dates So far we've tried the peanut butter cookie (no choc chips), cherry pie (subbing walnuts and pecans for almonds), apple pie (half walnuts and half pecans), and blueberry. Blueberry was his least favorite, though I liked the lemon in it. I liked the apple pie, but it was the most crumbly. I'd used apples I'd dehydrated, and maybe they weren't
  24. My first experience with a jelly bag was a couple of years ago making currant jelly. It took 4 hrs for it to strain, it was so ridiculously slow, like 2 drops a minute. But the jelly in the end was beautiful and clear. I've not used quince before, but I just had to commiserate on the slow straining
  25. jrshaul - that is a gorgeous bread pudding! And almond and cherry sounds wonderful!
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