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  1. I'm about as impressed with that list as those who poured money, time and emotion into coming up with an incredible idea for a food card only to get screwed by the city because of a lottery.
  2. I think that no matter where these food carts would end up, there would always be some controversy as to whether they are taking money away from a brick and mortar business, unless they were segregated to a completely restaurant-free zone, which I feel would be unfair to them as business owners. I stand by the opinion that people wanting to go sit down at a restaurant have pretty much made that decision, and won't necessarily be swayed by a cart selling similar items close by. Now, if that business finds that, for example, their sandwiches are not selling, and yet Mr. Sandwich has them flying off his cart, perhaps they need to reevaluate their sandwiches. A lot of people just want a good balance of quality and price, not always the cheapest thing, which is what a lot of carts seem to offer.
  3. I highly agree that our so-called "street food" scene needs a major overhaul. Restaurateurs and pizza places would fear new carts would take business away? This is capitalism, isn't it? If your food sucks, but you do well because it's cheap, then you could be in trouble. But isn't that what we ultimately want? A cleansing of sorts to filter out some of the bad apples in the city?
  4. A million times "Yes". I was thrilled with the Judas Goat, went there on the evening it opened. The food was fast, and rock solid. Will go back, if only for the foie.
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