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  1. I routinely re-start idli batter using my unwashed batter container from the previous batch. The batch before last, I also added too much water by mistake, I drained the excess liquid and kept it in the fridge. I used this as you would sourdough starter for the current batch. They are fluffier than usual.
  2. Aliments Mérci. They are a pre-packaged, bulk store with a very large selection. Three locations: Ontario St E., Ontario St. (Marché Maisonneuve), or Marché Jean-Talon. I bought a large quantity organic quinoa there for a very reasonable price.
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    Keeping Tofu

    Hi, There are certain world renowned chefs, Gordon Ramsay is not one of them , who believe that tofu is the perfect food because it lends itself to almost any type of cuisine or flavour combination. You have purchased water packed tofu. It is packed in water for a reason. The water pulls residual whey out of the tofu. This keeps the tofu from spoiling quickly. The whey attracts bacteria growth because it is fairly sweet. The proper way of storing tofu is in a fairly large, preferably covered, container of water in the fridge. The water should be changed daily to maintain freshness. Manufacturers say tofu will keep for up two weeks, I have kept and rejuvenated mine after keeping it for much longer than this. You can refresh sour tofu. Boil cubed tofu for five minutes in water to which 2 Tablespoons of salt have been added, drain, rinse well, and boil for another 5 minutes in clean water. The tofu itself will not taste salty, but you will not need to salt your dish. After refreshing tofu can be repressed in between two folded dampened towels if you wish to obtain a firmer texture. Truly spoiled tofu turns pale pink, do not attempt to refresh it. Tofu can be frozen, dried, pressed, ground, whipped, fried, deep-fried or baked. Look at what you like to eat and there is probably an equivalent recipe made with tofu.
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