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  1. hi would anyone have a fool proof recipe for making fondant at home.Where I live its not readily available unless one orders from a bakery and they arent very keen to provide it. Also I live in a very hot /humid country. would that effect the end result in home made fondant?
  2. Thank for for the recipe will definately try it
  3. yes the squid was scored and it had peppercorns and a batter and a slightly sweet dark sauce( possibly sweet soya sauce) and it seemed to have be coated with and it had something crunchy as well. ok now my mouth is watering already.lol
  4. trust me when I say I HAVE TRIED to ask the chef but he wont spill..
  5. HI recently I ate calamari at busaba eathai a thai reasturant here in london. I have never eaten such tender and delicious calamari ever. we ate 3 bowls of it !! would anyone have a recipe to replicate this dish.. pls pls pls.. am dreaming of it.. it just too deeeeeeeeeelicious Thanks
  6. living in an asian country we dont get the flour here used to make tortillas the traditional way. anyone know how to make them using all purpose flour?
  7. u can make a fish curry. fish approx 1 kg onions pureed.. 2 medium tumeric powder 1+1 tsp red chillie pdr according to taste cumin seeds 1 tsp green chillie whole dedseeded 1-2 tomatoes chopped 4-5 medium tomoto puree 1 table sp ginger/ garlic puree 1 tsp each chopped corriander 1 handful salt oil 4 table spoons coconut milk 1 tin Washfish and rub with a little tunmeric and set aside for an hour. Rinse fish and set aside. In a deep pan put pureed onions and oil and cook till golden brown.Add cumin seeds and cook a few mins then add the chopped tomaotes. tomato puree, ginger and garlic paste 1 tsp tumeric, red chillie pdr green chillie and salt and cook on LOW heat till oil rises to the top. Add coconut milk and approx 2 cups of water and cook on low heat for about 30-45 mins or till oil rises to the top. Lightly fry the fish and add to the gravy mixture. cover and simmer for 20 mins or till fish is done. add chopped corriander leaves and serve with plain white rice.
  8. thanks for the reply will give the martha stewart recipe a try
  9. ate this pastry in a deli in cambridge and was in heaven. anyone know the authentic recipe? is it always with ricotta cheese?
  10. tiramisu

    Dips, cold or hot

    greek yoghurt with a little minced garlic, some hot sauce, very finely diced onions, salt and maybe a few olives is yummy. not sure u can kiss anyone after that but it taste great while eating! take your pick
  11. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Am based in pakistan where we have no access to classes and most of my material has to be imported which is a pain but we do the best we can. will try get a hold of the books. thanks again
  12. Hi I keep seeing the tv shows on wedding cakes and wondering what recipes the bakers use to make the cakes? want to make a cake for a friends wedding but have no clue as to what the recipe would be and how much of the ingredients to use for each layer. we dont get cake mixes here so have to do it from scratch... any help pls... someone?? anyone??
  13. chocolate fountain with fresh fruit? or fresh fruit on skewer which can be prepared well in advance and chilled
  14. hi does anyone know how to put together your own cake mix? Where I live we dont get them and I would love to be able to replicate betty crocker! help anyone??
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