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  1. When looking at the image of the duck breast Nathan did with the dried ice etc compared to a duck breast done the conventional way there is no doubt Nathans is better. I don't see how anyone can argue with that.
  2. Yes, my other bath uses a bubbler and I will use that for temps above 60C and use my new bath for lower temps. But I will anyway try the pump at 80C for 10h as an experiment.
  3. I will try the pump at 80C for approx 10h and report back tomorrow. I really hope the pump works because it is hard to find any other good ways to circulate the water. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. And you are right Pedro, the heater draws 4A and the PID has a 3A relay so that might be a problem. Please do as Pedro suggests and go with the extra relay instead to be sure!!! And if you use a more powerful heater you must use the extra relay. In my other bath I have a 2000W heater and an extra relay. I used the autotune and haven't checked the PID parameters yet.
  4. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures before it was finished. But I'll explain in more detail. First what you want is a heater with the spiral as you can see in the pictures. The nice thing is that they come with a seal, so just pick it apart from the water boiler. Then measure the hole in the water boiler and drill a hole with the same size in your bath. Then insert the seal and screw on the heater. Quite simple. I used the same kind of heater but a 2000W for my other bath. The PID is not the same it's an on/off kind. So I'd go for the Auber. I've search alot on the net and this is the best I could find that didn't cost alot of money. One other thing for the heater, it usually also come with a automatic overheating thing. I just removed all that stuff. All the electricity is wired to the PID and soldered to the heater (I'm not sure of my english here!) Hope this helps, I could maybe take some pictures of the inside if you like.
  5. It's large but I can fit it in a drawer in my kitchen. It's more tall than wide, it has the same diameter as the smaller ones like the 6.5 and 4.5. I have induction and it comes up to pressure really quick. Yesterday I used it to pressure steam cauliflower with amazing result.
  6. I bought the WMF Perfect Plus 8.5L and I'm very happy with it. My brother have a 4.5l and he's also very happy with his. I bought mine mainly to be able to make stock "quick and easy" :-)
  7. This is my first post here. I've been reading the forum though for quite some time. I've just finished my second homemade waterbath and thought I'd share with you. It think it turned out quite nice. I bought a PID from Auber Auber PID 36$ A pt100 sensor from the same place PT100 sensor 16$ For the heater I use a 900W heater from a cheap water boiler it cost me approx. 14$ Then I use an aquarium pump Eheim Compact 600 Pump I would have bought the 300 but my local shop just had the 600. But I'm pretty sure the 300 would work just as well. Then for the actual container I use a Polycarbonate Canteen with a lid. The pump actually is not supposed to be used above 35C but a friend have used this pump in 80C to 10h without any problems. So I decided to go with the pump to get really nice circulation. I've calibrated the pid in ice water and controlled with a basal thermometer at 38.0C. Spot on. The PID holds the temp amazingly good. Sometimes it drops 0.1C for a few seconds but most of the time it's exactly the right temp. I'm counting on the accuracy to be at least 0.5C. More images here FLICKR also images on my other waterbath. Cheers, Patrik
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