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  1. 19 minutes ago, chromedome said:

    A universal tip for getting heavy stuff out of boxes:

    1) Open top
    2) Fold flaps down the side

    3) Flip box over

    4) Lift box from product, rather than the other way around

    That way you're lifting the light stuff (cardboard and foam), and gravity is your friend. Doing it the conventional way means you're doing the heavy work, and gravity is decidedly *not* your friend.

    ETA: Waiting for helping hands with the final lift-into-place remains a wonderfully sound idea, of course...

    I opened mine that way. A lot easier to maneuver the inner box. 

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  2. On 9/22/2020 at 4:27 PM, Nowayout said:

    I'm pretty sure it showing 3 phase on the Katom site is a typo. The Henkelman site shows it as single phase.  3 phase is used on large loads to reduce the amp draw per phase and increase efficiency, which is not needed on a unit this size.  I don't think Busch even makes a 3 phase vacuum pump that small.

    3 phase power is almost always available in a commercial building, I have never seen it in a residence.


    The bigger issue is 50hz European vs 60hz US.  It would run slightly faster on 60 cycles and may or may not be detrimental to the motor.  MOST loads are OK on 60hz, but not all.  I would not want to risk it on a $3k sealer unless the manufacturer stood behind it.


    Why not just buy a Minipack and be done with it? They are readily available and every bit as good as a Henkelman.  Same Busch pump. 


    I questioned the US Rep for Henkleman about power and got this response back in May.

    Should have mentioned, Neo units exported to USA are 110/120V 60Hz. No ETL or NSF certification yet!

    Luv the Neo design but prefer the CombiVac power and ease of use of control panel”
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  3. 13 minutes ago, SweetSymphonybyM said:

    Is the below same as Henkelman, just rebranded? I'm having trouble finding Neo 42 for sale in the US. 




    Good catch, that looks just like it for a lot less.  I went to Henkelman's website and spoke to a rep.

    Covid is messing up everything.  Shipping was going to cost a ton and the Neo hadn't been 

    approved yet it the US.  As I'm not a business, I didn't care.

  4. 48 minutes ago, SweetSymphonybyM said:

    Only because of the size? I haven't seen this model before, but really like how it looks compared to their other machines. 


    I have more time with it and it is a handy unit.  I still wish it was a bit larger as I buy large cuts of meat.


  5. 7 hours ago, rotuts said:



    looks like a fine deal , and about 1/2 the weight of the VP215.


    the Chanber also looks like it has more depth than the VP215


    a nice feature if you are Vac'ing liquids.


    or marinating w/o needing a final seal.


    pair this w an Anova Steam Oven


    and you are out only $ 1,200


    such a deal !

    No need for the Anova, I have the F. Blumlein.  

    I’m happy with it, even if they are recipe thieves.

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  6. I bought this Unit and it arrived Saturday.  Only 8 years of dithering!

    VP 95

    This unit ships with oil and installation was simple.

    You must download the owners manual and it is a bit lacking.


    VacMaster sent me an email Thursday with special pricing.  That plus

    10% off made it a no brainer.  It's a tiny thing, but will replace my

    Foodsaver til I save up for a Henkelman unit.

    My heart wants this, but my wallet isn't cooperating.


  7. 21 minutes ago, Keri AH said:

    Perhaps you can help me out.  I've noted, with some surprise/curiosity, that several people (across various threads here) are very, very into using these ovens for TOAST. No disrespect, but why would someone spend hundreds of dollars for toast (as in a "toaster oven") when there are perfectly good toasters for a few dollars? (If we spend more that $3.99 for a toaster at the thrift store I'm feeling extravagant!) When I first started looking for a new combi countertop oven I was initially put off by seeing them listed as "toaster oven" -- I want to bake, not toast -- but now I'm scratching my head: people *do* actually appear to get these (just) to make a piece of toast -- and to be quite into the whole experience/result. What am I missing? 

    One person wanted to boil water for tea. 
    Go figure. 

  8. 9 hours ago, Snowpup said:

    Had anyone else tried using theirs as a precision griddle?


    My baking steel mini griddle 'fits' almost entirely inside the perimeter of the glass, with only a centimetre or so overhanging but not touching the surface at the corners.


    It's bliss to use.



    I wish you’d posted this 2 days ago.  It was burger day here, but I never thought about this.  Smash burgers will be so much easier


  9. 27 minutes ago, Kerry Beal said:

    .....Tonight bread - I don't have a stone of the right size yet - so I'm still going too have to bake a loaf at a time. I'll contact the Pottery Supply House tomorrow and ask them to cut a 14 by 14  by 1/2 corderite shelf down to 14 by 11 or so. 


    Does Corderite play nicely with steam?

  10. Kerry, I just placed the water tank loosely in and closed the door.  I don’t believe that closing the door will seat it properly.  When you place it in, push it forward and you should hear a “click” as it seats.  Maybe yours wasn’t sealed properly.



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