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  1. As someone who finds himself in court in Brooklyn a lot (I commit a lot of felonies), here's some of my faves: Sahadi or Damascus next door are perfect for a quick lunch. I grab some salads, some hummus and a pita at Sahadis or some of the meat or spinach pies at Damascus. Also like Bedouin Tent. You *might* be able to do Mile End in an hour. Carryout for sure. We also have the opening of a Shack Shack ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE COURTHOUSE to look forward to.
  2. Get the mushroom soup with foie gras-- unbelievable, as well as the above-mentioned hash.
  3. Thanks eatmywords. Glad you like it. I'm craving that tea smoked duck. I need to try some of the dishes off the specials menu...
  4. I really need to go back to Hunan House. Pics from my one meal there. Love the tongue and tripe dish-- especially how the offal is expertly sliced to resemble the cilantro.
  5. This has always been my favorite Grand Sichuan branch. First off, their dan dan noodles are fantastic. They're not the chile oil version, but the one made with some sesame paste. I also really dig the fried soft shell crab dish, which is like a dry fried version subbing softshells for chicken. All the eggplant preparations are really good. I also like the spicy cow tongue. Really, I'm not sure why this place isn't more well known.
  6. This looks great. I've been wanting to check out their meatballs ever since I heard about it. I'll definitely be making the trip for lunch very soon.
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