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  1. Erik Adkins made me an excellent drink the other night at Heavens Dog in SF. Not sure what the official name is (or if it has one) but it's another variation of the many borough drinks (red hook, green point, etc..). 2 oz Rye 1/2 oz Averna 1/2 oz Apricot Liqueur (rothmans and orchard) Delish, one of the more memorable drinks I've had recently. Maybe the other Erik (eje) can find out what the name is
  2. This photo had me cracking up, the frankfurther garnish looks so wrong!
  3. I looked into Copper Fox, and I haven't tasted it but given the price point and young age I decided to skip it. I opted for the High West and have no regrets.
  4. I've had some good luck muddling some kumquats in a drink like the Third Rail: http://somethingisinthebloodbank.blogspot.com/2009/08/vin-dorange.html Instead of the small piece of muddled orange I muddled some kumquats and it was great. I've also had some good drinks made with mandarin-kuats. I woulnd't call them completely usesless.
  5. I picked up a bottle myself, most places here in SF price it in the $50 range but I tracked it down for $40 and that seemed a good value given that malt advocate rated it 95 points, much higher then their 21yr and 16yr. I was intrigued by the high rye content, it's a majority blend of 6yr 95% rye with a bit of their 16yr 80% rye thrown in to add some more oak flavor. I'd like to compare it to the Sazerac 6yr in a blind test and see if it's worth the extra premium. I also happened to pick up a bottle of the Thomas H Handy which made me very happy, soooo good.
  6. Has anyone tried the High West Rendezvous Rye? I've heard good things but haven't been able to try it anywhere. Thinking about picking up a bottle but thought I'd get some reactions first. thanks
  7. As others have pointed out base spirits tend to go first (rye in my case), then sweet vernmouth (punt e mes) but the surprising ones are Lillet Blanc and Dubonnet.
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