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  1. Can't believe this is making national news - http://www.telegraph...a-roasting.html What a load of mardy bollox EDIT - bollocks changed to bollox for fear of upset
  2. This site is worth checking out - I can't think of any he's not done... http://www.burgerac.com/
  3. Thanks for the write up, good reading. I don't know if you really want answers for the rhetoric but I'll bite in a sense of discussion. I guess on my part it's for the exact same reasons you've picked out in your post I want to go 41 Degrees, namely Adria food, the night turned over to the chefs and the sense that the place is trying to do something more than just serve food on a table. Why one over the other? It's just a case of trying the most varied amount of dishes. Would love to go Tickets too, but trying to get a booking lined up for both at the same time would prove near impossible I imagine. Surely you're at least intrigued to try it out if Tickets is your idea of restaurant heaven? Your post was more passionate than most I read on here, I can't imagine loving work by anyone who creates and not wanting to experience what else they've done. As for the serious tone, they list the soundtracks to Delicatessen and Amelie on the restaurants play list, I hardly reckon this is going to be El Bulli. Sure it could be called an obsession staying up to get a booking for a restaurant, but what makes that any different to concert/theatre tickets. Anyway I managed to get a date in the end for a few weeks time, no blogging, no banker to show off to, just the experience and a maybe a 42nd course of Viagra if the Mrs is willing after all that food...
  4. Ahhh great, thanks for that, looks like more late nights pressing refresh on the page then...!
  5. Anyone got any hints or tips for getting a booking here? I've been staying up til 12pm (Spanish time) waiting for the next days bookings to come online for weeks now - but they never seem to. Can get a booking at Tickets ok but it's 41Grados I'm really after at most any time or date.
  6. Pure comedy... Has he been getting acting lessons? (or just watching old reruns of the carry on films)
  7. Looks like they're all here http://news.michelin.co.uk/newsuk/en/news/news-detail/news/20080819113604/27863.html
  8. Regards the ALC, there's a smaller 5 course menu midweek that might be better suited..?
  9. Agreed, I've literally just booked this morning for March and came on here to see if there was anything new about the restaurant, glad I got the booking in now if that's so! My meal there last year was way above my (excitedly high) expectation. Doing us Nottingham folk proud in the food stakes.
  10. Another rejection here - sent in around the 10th and recieved yesterday... time to get the spherification kit in...
  11. Where did you end up Ronaldoebt? A bit late maybe but people always seem to be interested in this topic, I had a good meal at Espai Sucre in November, it's primarily a dessert restaurant but also serves a 2-3 savory courses first if you want them. Some great flavour combinations in the style you were after.
  12. Visiting in March and will gladly update. Liking the look of the current sample menu, just got to convince the good lady she "needs" 10 courses now.
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