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  1. has a night off work and gets to cook at home...but what to make?

  2. I'm not famous, either, but I'm a culinary student and I won't touch peanut butter or anything with a jelled texture. I'm in a baking class now and we spent a week making every kind of cookies you can imagine. I love cookies but didn't like these. They taste like bakery cookies. There is a distinctive bakery taste and I have never liked it. I'm a bit of a health freak and there are a lot of ingredients in baking class (and in the culinary classes) that are not ever in my home. I keep my mouth shut at school and just cook. I do taste everything.
  3. MMMMMMMM......turkey noodles!!!

  4. I am drinking plain ol' green but I steeped ginger root and cloves with it. YUM!
  5. is cleaning house. Ugh!

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