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  1. I finished it yesterday and enjoyed it as well. he does seem happy w/ his lot in life and has toned down his bad boy ways since becoming a father. he still is outspoken and opinionated and not afraid to say what he thinks and why he thinks it. he also seems quite comfortable poking fun at his own personae. nevertheless he still pulls no punches and is more than willing to call a turd a turd. he didn't exactly bash alinea or achatz, just didn't enjoy his meal there. he gives waters her due before calling her on her utter nonsense. finally he truly does let james beard and alan rickman have it and makes a damn good case why. fine read and easily digested.
  2. twoshoes

    Dinner! 2010

    absolutely stunning presentation there.
  3. I'm curious about his bar project as well. especially, the possibility of serving pub fare...which is intriguing merely because it could/should be relatively affordable.
  4. very interesting and reasonably priced. kinda exciting project, I'd say.
  5. twoshoes

    Dinner! 2010

    okay ms shook, I'll take two sloppy joes and two sausage rolls. that quiche looks like pizza - yummy!
  6. I picked up essentials of classic italian cooking for $5 at the local big box store.
  7. I'll second the recommendation of The Art of Simple Food. great simple recipes w/ fresh local ingredients and fantastic results.
  8. twoshoes

    Dinner! 2010

    YAY! we love love LOVE spaghetti and meatballs. perhaps the definition of comfort food. ummm garlic bread. I know what I'm doing for lunch. or dinner.
  9. twoshoes

    Del Taco

    I enjoy their fish tacos, but do find myself driving right by like all the others.
  10. twoshoes

    Dinner! 2010

    my word that brisket looks delicious.
  11. you betcha. I've a fantastic old recipe that I fixed for christmas dinner. I may tweak it a bit.
  12. no - those aren't pequin...hard to tell what it is. have you tasted it?
  13. twoshoes

    Dinner! 2010

    that just looks great.
  14. every bit as good as advertised. the oil temp got away from me on the first two pieces and they came out a bit too dark, but I ate them anyways. golden brown moist tender and very tasty. also simple to prepare. this one will become a staple recipe although the wife doesn't really like it when I fry food. she did love this chicken though.
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