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  1. An albariño from spain would be a good choice too. I like them especially for seafood, they have a fruity character and seem to compliment crab, prawns and shellfish very well.
  2. On the chicharron prensado thing, you can eat it as is or do any or all of the following: make tacos with it add lime salt some salsa and eat. heat some green sauce which if made at home can be made by charring tomatillos, garlic, chillies (your choice, I like serranos) onion then add some cumin salt and pepper to taste and grind in a molcajete or blend, straining not required. Then add the chicharron to this and bring to temp, make tacos or eat for breakfast with tortillas too (make tacos) The huitlacoche thing, don't worry about the can most huitlacoche comes in a can its very rare to get fresh. Add some corn oil to a pan heat, then add tomatoes, onions, chillies and some S&P to taste. After that smells like Mexico add the huitlacoche juice and all and cook lightly till hot then use this to make some of the follwing: quesadillas: heat a tortilla add your favorite white cheese like monterrey jack or asadero or oaxaca or mozzarella and once the cheese is melted you can either flip it to brown the cheese if you like (in Mexico this is called planchada) then flip put some of the huitlacoche mix in there and eat with your favorite salsa or some eggs and stuff. Raviolis make some cheese raviolis and use the sauce as a ragu real delicious sprinkle with some cotija cheese and crema if you like, you can also add some red or green salsa or if you are real adventurous try making the raviolis similar to mini tamales and then tell me how they went. Making tamales also sounds like a good idea. Make wellington fillet and instead of using mushrooms to coat the fillet use the huitlacoche just make sure its really dry so your pastry doesn't become soggy.
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