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  1. This is still the best resource ! There are hard;y any internet based reviews .Thanks to Daniel
  2. I am in Herzilya for a week. Any recommendations in that area ?
  3. Any recommendations around the area Herzilya ? I may be there in two weeks time
  4. Just curious , i dont mean to get people on the wrong foot ...i am neither English nor been to England ...There seem to be very little talk of ale/beers here ...Its all food only and the links that are here and point to pubs seem more interested in displaying their wine list than beer list .... May be i dont understand it at all
  5. @Yajna and Jenni . Thank you for sharing your experiences .I live in Bangalore , and now with the summer on , temperature isnt an issue to being with I am starting my next batch , not planning to reduce the milk much .Just going to stop when the sugars in the milk caramelize... Unfortunately I dont have any one to teach me . on Bangla sweets ....
  6. @Nayan . I keep it outside and have so far waited for 8/12/24 hours so far . It hasnt spoiled either .
  7. anm

    Best Use of Stale Bread

    Headover to fxcuisine.com , he has some recipes which are quite different . I like the one in which the wine soaked bread is made into almost pudding like dish http://fxcuisine.com/Default.asp?language=2&Display=125&resolution=high
  8. I have been trying to make Mishti Doi . I have made two variants so far a.Reduced a liter of full cream milk to half the qty or lesser and the sugars in milk have caramalised turning milk light brown and thicker .caramalised around 1.5 cups of plain sugar added cream to make a caramel sauce , waited till it cooled down and mixed it with milk .Allowed it to cool down until it was warm to touch and added a spoon of curd[mixed well] and poured into a earthern ware pot . b.same as above without cream . In both cases they dont set . I have used set curd from Britannia,Nilgris,amul and nandhini . I have also used loose curd from nandini . No luck I have tried referring to Harold Mcgee's book to see if I am doing anything wrong ,no luck ... I have also verified with a thermometer to hit 40C before I added a spoon of curd . I have heard Mishti Doi is rarely made at homes[i am not a Bengali] . Any help is deeply appreciated
  9. Read it as well...Somehow the book doesnt feel cohesive or written without sounding like a jamboree to me
  10. Watched the TED and then read the book as well..But some how felt it was overwrought
  11. whats the book basically about?
  12. Infact it should be "Renamed Eating and thinking of only Bengal" Rest of India is conveniently ignored/sneered at . My recommendations although may not be travel centric may be "Shark Fin and Sichuan Pepper" "Untangling My chopsticks" "Serve the People: A Stir-Fried Journey Through China "
  13. I was about to order it .....Not worthwhile? Food Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 Extraordinary Places to Eat Around the Globe
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