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  1. Pastry chef Montacer Mansour is a real highlight for the Salty Dog, Derek's food is amazing but for me, everytime I go, I'm counting down the seconds until I can order dessert. There isn't anyone else in the North producing the exciting kind of desserts that he is. SD is well worth a visit, and while you're there have a nip into the Boat House across the way.

    The Bibs is the interesting bit for me (unless I've egg on my face and we actually get a star). I'm expecting a bit of movement. Cayenne will definitely keep a bib and Oregano should hold on, but Restaurant 23 could go either way. But I definitely expect more bibs here. For me, there's at least another bib in Northern Ireland, possibly two.

  2. Just read your review, Chris had left the kitchen by then at Longridge as I interviewed him in early April and he was finishing up there in mid-late April at most, so not to spring to defend him, but he wouldn't have been in the kitchen. There isn't really anyone else here in North who has that drive to want a star right now. Maybe the Boathouse would like to get one, but I haven't eaten there yet, next on my list to do.

  3. Bit of a late response to Simon, but I'd be shocked if Gregan's doesn't get a star this year. There won't be any movement in the North. Looks like another year with no Michelin stars for NI. The inspectors were out in force here but with all the eating I've done here, no one meets the requirements this year (unless we get a pity star). Expecting Chris Bell to possibly bring one to the River Room at Galgorm in 2013 but he's taken over in the kitchen a month or two, so definitely won't be this year.

  4. Sorry, was pretty stupid of me not to be more specific. Just looking best value based on $50-$100 per person in the financial district (I'm staying not far away from our office in Hanover Square), not too concerned about the cuisine, looking something different.

    Also, now that I've re read my initial post, do any of the major hitters like Per Se accept a one-person reservation?

  5. I know there's been other topics on this subject, but just to expand it a little on here – if say a young Irish man like myself was heading to NY on 1st February, which two restaurants would you recommend? One reasonably priced, one expensive. Am I out of touch with reality to say Per Se is still the place, or has NY moved on?

  6. Hi all, I'm a Belfast (Ireland) based food journalist who'll be in New York between 5th - 10th April and I'd love to try out one of the underground/supper clubs (not sure of what they're called out there). Can anyone point me in the right direction online?

    Also, any suggestions on where to have lunch/dinner considering it's in two weeks and so booking might be difficult? I tried booking Jean George's on Open Table but no availability, going to try calling tomorrow.

  7. Paul I've spoken to Danny Millar about it a few times and yes, there's a shortlist in essence where they whittle it down to two chefs for the show. Danny tells me he's not doing it this time around (he opened his second place two months ago). Nathan Outlaw, when I interviewed him in November did sound like he was going to be on again (though he refused to confirm or deny at the time).

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