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  1. We just got sake kasu in at the market I work at, I was wondering what they were but kept forgetting to google it when i got home. I think I might have to pick up a package tomorrow and see what I can make with it.
  2. I picked up a bottle of this on clearance a few years ago and have had absolutely no luck with it. In fact I think the bottle is still floating around my house somewhere...
  3. dr girlfriend


    I came across a tin of long tailed anchovies in the Asian section at the market I work at, just wondering if anyone had any experience with these?
  4. Brussels Sprouts (or asparagus) sauteed with bacon and port wine; fingerling potatoes cooked in duck fat is another favorite.
  5. Then do what I do, order a cheesburger add shredded lettuce and mac sauce. It usually doesn't cost any extra, I like to do this with a McDouble, I call it the "Ghetto Mac". On topic: the mac wrap scares me.
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