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  1. i used the glutenous rice flour from the asian store in the white box if that helps. i cant really read it to tell you the brand but the lady said its what she uses for mochi
  2. Does anyone have any experience making it. The dough at the store in the premade one is elastic, soft, and chewy. Im not sure if the ice cream version is supposed to be made different, but i made my mango sorbet shaped it and froze it hard. Then made my dough and cooked it stove top but it kept needing more water and even then it wasnt an elastic dough at all. Anyone have a reliable stovetop recipe, not a microwave version. And some trouble shooting tips to getting the dough stretched thin. I did some in the rational with sweetened azuki bean paste that turned out great. However I am more interested in the ice cream version.
  3. it was stuffed inside of a mochi ball and garnished with candied ginger and candied lemon peel
  4. i ended up having the second best ice cream in the competition. Lost to a guiness lmao. The booze always wins. I ended up using a david lebowitz recipe i found in another book and it came out great. Added a little extra sugar his recipe wasnt sweet enough. Turned out great.
  5. I cant find my copy of on baking and I need the lemon sorbet recipe because i know its not too tart and it comes out perfect every time. Anyone have a FULL PROOF recipe, I have a culinary comp in the morning. Yes I know why did i wait so long to prep. Because I just got the mystery basket today and I had to work till just now...
  6. So between class from 7am to noon and work in the restaurant from 1 to midnight my feet are killing me, i have tried several different shoes and they just arent cutting it. Time to buy a more expensive pair that are going to support me through the day...what brands do you guys use.
  7. different oven and different result, im guessing everything else is the same and it seems elementary but have you put a thermometer in the oven to see what the actual temps are. A lot of ovens dont run at the temp you think they are at. And every kitchen ive been in, you temp a row of ovens all set to 350 and you get different temps sometimes upto 10 degree difference. When cooking not a big deal but when baking and looking for oven spring it becomes a different story <<Edit>> PS i know your probably not stupid but for those that are I dont mean stick your regular or candy thermometer in the oven, they make thermometers for ovens. I mention this only because I saw a culinary student do this just last semester.
  8. its not a foodborne illness outbreak till 2 or more people get sick from the same menu item. Your responsibility is to report it to the restaurant. Who should then offer you a free meal, but either way if they get multiple complaints it is their responsibility to contact the proper authorities and deal with the outbreak.
  9. its not about learning how to butcher, i think anyone can learn that. its more so the business end of things. Im sure it has its tips and tricks and the course goes through that end of things. i thought about hiring a consultant but the problem is all the butchers here are arab. Which poses 2 problems, the first is that they are halal butchers so they wont touch the pig, leaving the americana side with no support. Second, isnt the fact that there first language is arabic, because i speak it fluently but the fact that they have an arab mentality when it comes to business. Im a sanitation nazi in the kitchen and everything has a rhyme reason and a rule. I just cant do business the way they do. I have tried it before and it was too much stress. A thought, what do you all think about trying to intern with one of fleishers exstudents
  10. So I have decided to take my culinary journey on a new path this week. The restaurant is doing well and I want to open a butcher shop. One that focuses on grass fed organic local sourced meat. I will break down whole animals etc. Aside from breaking down cuts, the extent of my butchery is rabbits. I can do them proficiently and quickly, i was thinking about taking fleisher's class in NY http://www.fleishers.com/consulting-training.htm Anyone have any reccomendations or ideas of other routes to take? Half the shop will be halal, then partitioned off next door will be the Americana version of the store where we do our non halal stuff like pork. Still trying to figure out the logistics of it all but im excited.
  11. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Swiss-Meringue-Buttercream-109239 theres the link it didnt paste over properly before. The reason im using amaretto creamer is to get the almond depth of the lady fingers into the filling. I just like the taste in my tiramisu. I will strengthen it up and mix it in slowly to taste to see how it comes out.
  12. i read on cake central about a book by planet cake that describes in detail how you can ganache a cake and then add fondant to it. They have a video of a ganached cake being covered in fondant on youtube, just search planet cake. I found this recipe for a smbc http://www.epicurious.com/reci.....eam-109239 The cake im working on is a kahlua infused tiramisu filled choc cake. I plan on spraying the cake with a simple syrup of 4oz water 4oz sugar 2oz kahlua. Does this sound like a good ratio? Then what i would like to do to the smbc and where most of my questions come from is infuse it with a tiramisu flavor. In europe and australia they have concentrate wich would be great but we dont have it here so what I was thinking is for the liquid at the end use 3fl oz of amaretto creamer and mix it with a teaspoon of instant expresso. Making sure to do this before it goes into the buttercream so that the expresso doesnt make it grainy. Do these ratios work? The next and last question i have is, i want to add marscapone cheese to the cream. Can I use it in place of the butter or do i need to add it after. Also how much do you think I should use?
  13. I decided to make the tiramisu cream the filling. And because she wants the cake covered in fondant, im gonna cover the cake with a thick ganache, 1-1. Should solidify enough to cover the cake in fondant. Im gonna cook the kahlua in a simple syrup and see how it turns out.
  14. so im working on a wedding cake and i had some questions. I am shooting for a chocolate cake. The filling the bride chose was chocolate kahlua and she wanted a light frosting. The way i normally make the chocolate kahlua is fill the cake with a soft ganache. I was thinking this might be too rich? what do you think. Next i found a recipe that soaked the cake in kahlua and made a tiramisu frosting and filling that looked pretty good. My question about this recipe is that im afraid even just misting the cake with kahlua will give it too boozy of a taste. Any recomendations as to what i can do? Normally I have plenty of time to figure it all out but the wedding is next week. which leads me to why the heck would you plan a wedding in two weeks? some people i swear
  15. i want to make the green tea truffles from PGs choc and confection. The recipe calls for matcha green tea? what is this stuff and can i sub anything else for it? I have some loose leaf green tea, but have no idea what matcha is. Also would it be smart to strain it? I found some powdered greed tea that would disolve at the grocery store but it has a ton of sugar in it which i dont want to use.
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