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  1. I like a small amount of curry powder in my banana's foster. it adds a little kick and depth of flavor that I really enjoy. I also sometimes put ginger into it.
  2. i'll definitely try that then.
  3. have you tried mangalista? Of all the breeds you've cooked which did you find came out the best?
  4. when I was in scotland I had a few upscale preparations of haggis, one of them was fried and served over a bed of lentils. I thought that this was a great way to have it. I've also had it crisped up and served a la bangers and mash which I always liked especially with a whiskey gravy type sauce and caramelized onions.
  5. thanks for the quick response. I'll have to search out some heritage breeds. I wonder how kurobota or some of the other breeds would do or if the berkshire is probably the best option.
  6. Sounds awesome. Has anyone experimented with the various heritage breeds of pork and butt and how that equates to quality of the finished product. I'm always suspect on cheaper cuts how big the difference would be. I can see how for beef it would make a big difference, just not sure on pork.
  7. So my butts are on my weber as we speak and ahve been for almost 5 hours. getting a pretty nice crust at this point. Just gotta wait a bit. about to add my first additional chimney of coals. Thanks for all the advice in this thread especially snowangel. can't wait till later.
  8. ahh carbondale, co went to boarding school at a time there. I really liked a chinese place that was right near Colorado Rocky Mountain School. There was also a wonderful steakhouse type place that i enjoyed there.
  9. anyone have a great meyer lemon marmalade recipe preferably british style so not very sweet?
  10. wanting to start SV and looking to start the right way I'm curious as to what the difference between the VP112 and VP120 in terms of doing some of the cool things like watermelon chips etc are. I mean for the difference of $650 to $850 would seem like it might be worth it. Looking forward to hearing back from some of people who've purchased the VP112.
  11. I'm a regular at my Local butcher. Bill the Butcher. I'm slowly working on getting them to carry some game for me and I sometimes get to sample new and interesting things. Its really nice going in and having them recognize you and start having them cater to your needs. I'm also a regular at my local produce place and he always takes care of me whenever i have issues with stuff molding or quality not being up to par on some of the produce items. They are super friendly as well and always give me a heads up when something special is coming in soon. I was a regular at a bunch of places in LA before I moved up to Seattle, The Golden state where i'd go once or twice or a week. In terms of perks theyd always make sure that I could get a seat, got to try a bunch of stuff that wasn't on menu. In addition they frequently would save special items for me knowing that I would be in later that day. Also became friends with one of the owners who I talk to a bunch to this day.
  12. psiweaver

    European Style

    I think that i'd be more worried about residue in the glasses from dust, or left over dishwashing items than I would be about a little water. Remember you invert the glass to wash it out so 99.9% of the water drips out of hte glass. I find that having a slightly wet glass does help with the head etc. To an extent where even when i'm home I'll give a quick rinse. I don't have one of these fancy things yet though when i build my home kegerator etc set up I will be adding one.
  13. psiweaver

    Roasting a Chicken

    anyone have any brining amounts for the chickens or favorite brines?
  14. I really like mine as well. It does a great job. Anyone experimented with carbonating things other than water like Cranberry juice etc? The warranty says not to but i'm tempted still.
  15. I'm really missing good mexican food after moving from Los Angeles, up to seattle in fact i'm missing the across the board ethnic options in LA, also good pizza.
  16. thanks so much for the help.
  17. HI guys, So its starting to get to the cloudy, grey, somewhat rainy season in the Pacific Northwest and being that I lived in Los Angeles the last 4 years, and there was little call for making hearty soups for the winter down there I need some suggestions. I will eat anything so I'm looking for some great soup recipes, I've done Dukobour Borscht which was fantastic, but I really need a great Chicken Noodle recipe, and perhaps 5 or 6 other great recipes. I have a chili recipe that I'm not thrilled with but does work. Thanks for your help in advance. Alistair
  18. Yeah the commercials are very unappetizing and actually make me slightly queezy as the pictures just look so greasy and disgusting.
  19. god recoil rob, that sounds delicious. I love venison so much but that just made me start salivating. I like to make a nice marinade of garlic, olive oil, dijon mustard, rosemary, thyme and salt and pepper and let the meat sit in it for a little bit after quickly searing the outside. Then I roast it until done at 350 to 375. I like it medium rare so usually its a pretty quick roast. I like the baked on crust of the rub and its great served with some roasted potatoes and sauteed spinach.
  20. psiweaver

    Lunch for 40

    I would say let people help themselves. If you have leftovers the teachers I'm sure will be glad to take some home, so i'd shoot for a little high than low. I agree about doing more chicken than pork especially since some religions prohibit pork yet everyone seems to eat chicken. I would say that be doing them separate from the tortillas you will allow people who just want a plate to get that without having to get the additional starch, carbs from tortilla's. Are you going to do some grilled vegetables etc for vegetarians etc? I would probably suggest something along those lines. That way the people who are on a diet etc can either do all protien vegetables etc or people can mix and match. I'm surprised your not doing flan to keep the theme consistent. You could also do tres leches.
  21. I would say you were on point with the stir fry or soup. I really like them in a lot of different types of stir fry/ asian food. you could certainly whip a crunchy salad up with them, some bamboo shoots, green onions, cabbage and some rice wine vinegar etc. I really like them in noodle dishes as they offset the chewy noodles with a nice refreshing crunch. You'd be surprised how quickly you could blow through them if you use them in such manners.
  22. psiweaver

    Beef Back Ribs

    I would think that braising would make them very good as well. Generally any of the ribs are good with a little braising though I find that I prefer french or asian inspired braises in this case. I would think searing them then sous vide then sear would also bring you a very nice product. I think that it really depends on how you are going to eat them/ present them. I'm sure that you could make some amazing things out of them without even serving the bones. If your going for that i'm a man and eat meat that is attached to bones and get it all over my face thing. Then I would go for the roasting/grilling/smoking type path rather than the braise.
  23. pretty awesome. looks like you did a great job and really knocked it out of the park. how hard were those el bulli olives?
  24. I love this idea. I have a whole bunch of venison sausage and ground venison that I have no idea what to do with anyone hve any suggestions? The rest of the freezer is pretty clean with only some frozen fruit and ice cream in it. Some of which might have to go.
  25. Can always order the fennel pollen or beef cheeks online. The pollen is usually better to order online anyways as you can get a better price etc.
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