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  1. Thanks for that. Edison is about 40 minutes from me so still a bit far there and back to grab some fish. I'll check out Wegmans. I do have a Whole Foods near me and the guy at the counter said he had some sushi grade tuns but would only sell me a 30 dollar piece of fish which was much more than I needed. I guess my only option is to buy something like that and freeze what I don't use.
  2. Have just moved here from the UK and am on a sushi grade tuna hunt. We were lucky in London to have a great Japanese market nearby that had quality sushi grade fish and am really hoping to find something similar near the Madison area if I can. I've heard about Mitsuwa and intend to check it out but was hoping for something a bit closer so that I can make sushi often. Does anyone have any recommendations? I did try Kam Man in East Hanover and although the tuna wasn't awful, I really wasn't thrilled with the cleanliness of the fish counter. Thanks!
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