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  1. i'm making it tonight, with a hangar steak. edit: is this recipe close?
  2. guajolote

    seafood terrine

    jaz, that sounds great. any idea where i can find it? i've always wanted to make a savory cheesecake. heather, that sounds great too. i'll make matthew type it out for me thanks
  3. her and her boss both ordered the chef's tasting. she mentioned a mango ravioli with anchovy foam (it was the first time her boss had espuma), a scallop dish, and a great pisco sour.
  4. my wife was in dc earlier this week and i told her that this was the place to go. she went with her boss and both loved it. thanks everyone.
  5. dude, i've had this and it is great. i think the steak would get too salty if you marinated overnight, though.
  6. guajolote

    seafood terrine

    no i didn't. i've never done anything like this? did you do one in class? was it worth the time? thanks essvee, that looks good. there's going to be lox at the party though so it might be redundant.
  7. i'm thinking of making a seafood terrine for a holiday party. does anyone have a good recipe, tips, hints, advice, ... i don't have an official terrine so i was going to use a loaf pan, or maybe a bundt cake pan.
  8. i know they grow them in michigan too (where the best apples come from ). my dad goes crazy over them. when we were smoking that prime rib iris was picking some at a local orchard. the farmer who i buy most of my produce from grows 120 different varieties of apples so i can't keep track of what kind i'm eating.
  9. wow, that's almost $1 in tax per 12 oz. beer.
  10. if i see bare breasts i consider it a good dream
  11. i like paperbacks because they're cheaper.
  12. go to varmint's house, but stop at the liquor store on the way just in case. this will be your first drink ever, right?
  13. seth, i always eat that piece of fat in the middle. i usually eat my wifes piece of it too. sometimes my butcher will have someone order an "eye" of ribeye (I have no idea what this is called). He'll save the outer portion and sell it to me, or eat it hisself. I think that the outer portion is usually more marbled, and more flavorful. isn't steak diane usually cooked tableside? or at least the sauce? it would be fun to try to cook it at the table, but probably too dangerous for a klutz like me.
  14. i love the chicken especially its liver rich creamy goodness
  15. Nope. Maybe Mastering the Art has some?
  16. are there any chicken liver recipes in J & J?
  17. guajolote

    Cooking my Goose

    this recipe looks good
  18. and i thought you were a good girl
  19. deep fry it, or make pickles.
  20. here's a picture of a ricer the MIL getting the "flu" is hilarious.
  21. of course, maggie is almost your neighbor
  22. i just purchased a nice piece of ocean trout from newfoundland (insert newfie joke here). some restaurant in town must have passed on it . the fish guy said it was like a lighter tasing salmon. any ideas on how to prepare this? i was thinking of serving it with rice and broccoli.
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