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  1. Thanks, have made a reservation l'ami jean at everyones suggestion. I appreciate the prompt response.
  2. Had requested a table at l'ami louis through my hotel several months ago. Called to find out they never made one. They are suggesting Benoit, any thoughts?
  3. Looking for a restaurant, entrees under $30, for a special dinner. Guest of honor is vegetarian, but everyone else is not. Location not that important. All suggestions greatly appreciated.
  4. ellenesk


    Has anyone been since Connant left?
  5. Looking for suggestions. Will be taking my inlaws and two children in September. Also dinner in Edinburgh with entrees under 20 GBP would be nice. Witchery looks good, but out of my price range.
  6. cANT SPEAK ABOUT ANYTHING BUT Maize. Perfectly good restaurant, but not really different from anything you can get in New York.
  7. Wanted to say thanks for the helpful information. We dined at Belhamel, Temple Doloe, and Indrapura last week. Loved Belhamel, great room, sat outside overlooking the canal, had wonderful food, and great wine. Would have thought Indrapura was fabulous, had we not gone to Temple Doloe, which was superior. Each dish had in our rijstaffel had a unique flavor and texture. Both restaurants had fresh and delicious food, but Temple Doloe was definitely more refined. Great suggestions, it really helped make our trip wonderful.
  8. I will be in amsterdam in a few weeks. Had dinner at Vermeer last visit. Looking for "modern dutch" cuisine, maybe not as expensive. Any suggestions welcome Will take your recommendations on indeonesian.
  9. We were there for dinner last week, and had a great experience. At first they tried to seat the three of us at a 2 top in the bar area, but we stood our ground, and were instead seating in the back dining room, at a great corner table. I dont know weather it was the American accent, or them not wanting to give up the table, but we are glad for the back table(especially after reading the previous posting0. The back dining room was lovely. We did not have one clunker in our dinner, which included the assiette, the sweetbread terrine, the tuna with foie gras entree(really great) the scallops, followed by cheese, and some relly good desserts(especially the coffe parfait). The sommellier made excellent reasonably priced suggestions for wine, and even sent over complimentary dessert win. My only critism was the cheese offereing for the cow was not overly interesting. Service was professional, and friendly without being stuffy. The price of 100 Euro per person seemed like a real bargain for the quality of the dining experience. We will go back again.
  10. We will be two families travelling to Paris in January, staying in the 1st. I am looking for suggestions for traditional brasseries, where the kids can get a good steak frites, and the adults a good fruits de mer. We will be a total of 8, so want to reserve in advance. Also, have adult dinner reservations at Sensing, and would love any feedback.
  11. Where is the best place for fish and chips in London? New to the city, and my parents are looking for "authentic"
  12. Looking for china town restaurant suggestions. I know gourmet magazine had one in July, which I have misplaced. Any thoughts?
  13. thanks for the great suggestions. It looks asian in some form all the way around. I will look on the map in relation to where I need to hae these groups. Ellen
  14. Planning an event in Toronto, and need suggestions for 3 different neighborhood for 3 different groups of college age kids. under $30 per person for lunch Bloor near the ROM Spadina between Dundas and Queen Dupong St. at Davenport Any suggestions would be appreciated. Overeasy and Dynasty for the Bloor street group has been suggested.
  15. We are moving to that neighborhood, and wanted have dinner somewhere that had good food, that would give us a sense of the area.
  16. Looking for restaurant suggestions in St Johns wood, french or italian, price not too much an issue.
  17. I am coming from Manhattan so looking for a local taste. Both sound like great options. Service sounds like an issue at Susur
  18. Cost not an issue, something not to stuffy, with great food and a good cocktail or wine list. Cuisine not an issue either. although if this is such a thing as "canadian cuisine" or a restaurant specialising local products I would be interested. How far is Susur
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    Agree on the sommelier. Our red did not work well with any of the entrees, and went largely unfinished.
  20. ellenesk


    Went to Telepan last night, with mixed results. Uniformly, the food is very good. Had all the things recommended here, and not a clunker in the group. Amuse bouche was a delicious assortment including gougere, brandade and a really good wild mushroom soup. The mixed results were from the service, which did not match the food. Waited over 20 minutes for our appetizers, sat with wine lists for 20 minutes as well, with no one asking for our order, and us having to find a floor manager to get the sommelier, 2 out of 3 cheese courses came out without garnish on the plates. Desserts seemed to take along time as well, but that could be we had been there for over two hours at that point. I agree that the room layout is odd, although we were sitting in the back, which definitely felt out of the way. I will return, but give them a little more time to get their act together.
  21. Thanks for the suggestions, I think the suggestion of the flo out post at CDG is probably my best best. Would rather eat at the original
  22. I am only in for one day, on a layover. Will be taking advantage of the sales at Galleries Lafeyette, and need to grab an early dinner( 6:30pm) prior to ny return to CDG. Everything seems to open at seven. I would love a great barsserie. Any suggestions for something that opens early?
  23. An earlier post mentioned oude libertas. Is there dining there? How far in advance do I need to make reservations at restaurants like one waterfront and petit ferme
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