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  1. That is exactly what kinds of things my students would thing are healthy. One brought Ritz crackers with Kraft slices. Another brought Nutella with a biscuit cookie. Two brought a dip with sour cream and cream cheese and celery to dip it in... and one brought deep fried plantains. Really deep fried. Most were commercially purchased snack foods... granola bars really high in sugars, or "healthy snacks" like snackable type items. It blew me away. Truly. For their lunches, they go to their pantry at home (and these are the lucky ones who bring food from home) and pick "one of thee and one of these and one of those..." all little individually packaged and pre-purchased items for lunch. What has happened to us? I loved the beginning of my bread baking class with Richard Bertinet a little over a week ago when he compared white sliced sandwich bread to processed cheese slices. "Why do we call this bread? It is a bread substitute, or a bread replacement, or a processed bread product... but itis not bread."
  2. Yes - I did mean St. John... silly of me. I did find that information on the website, too - but then looked for images of both, and could only find images of Chris G... and he certainly was not the chef there that evening. That is why I asked. I am sincerely curious about who was there doing what I saw and felt a disservice to this possibly and supposedly incredible place. Thanks so much for catching my error - and for the search on my behalf. Truly appreciate it! Valerie
  3. I would bet that they still do the breakfast... that the BFC is a new item, and outrageously amazing... and that as they develop other PERFECT dishes like these, they will switch up a few things. One of the reviewers here didn't get the snail porridge, and then I did... Certainly, the oysters are off the menu (sadly, too) But, it is probably a smart move to have the menu switched up at times for people that have already been there. But, I would go back again, anyway - and be happy to eat exactly the same thing all over again. valerie
  4. I just took his bead baking course at his Cookery School in Bath last week and will be writing about it soon.
  5. Does anyone know who the Chef de Cuisine is at The Fat Duck now? Are there two? We were there last week and honestly, we were both disappointed. My husband loved his braised kidneys, and my marrow bones were find. Too much for one person (too rich), but really tasty. My Old Spot ham was horrid. The jellied ham, lovely. The gentleman at the door the highlight of the evening. The service: hardly existent. The chef: rude. I wrote about it on my site: http://www.acanadianfoodie.com/2010/04/04/home-later-today-from-london-uk/ was Sooooooo disappointed to come all this way for this. Loved the place and the vibe - at first. ANyone had a recent experience there? Thanks. Valerie My link
  6. We went last Thursday evening. I have written about it on my website. Worth every penny and every inconvenience. Very similar to the first person, but we had the snail porridge before the sounds of the sea... and no English Breakfast. Instead, we had the BFG - and it was deadly. Deadly. I would go again and eat the exact same meal all over again in a heartbeat. I am sure there were all sorts of little aspects I missed in each dish. But, alas, we live in Alberta, Canada, so the chances of going again are slim to none. I will say, however, that the staff was exception. Fun, full of wit, humor and made the evening even better than it would have been without their warm light hearted touch. Take a look at my post at http://www.acanadianfoodie.com/2010/04/08/the-fat-duck-in-maidenhead-heston-blumenthals-triumph/ Detail. Simple perfection. Brilliant. Valerie
  7. I love Jamie Oliver. Haven't seen the shows. I don't get his channels in Edmonton AB Canada - we get a ton of American TV - but not those. Darn... but, I have started a Nutritious Lunch Program at the middle school I am teaching at - and teaching students to cook at... and it is a long hard road. I started a Catering Club Tues and Wed after school from 3-4:30 - yes, that is two days a week after school for all students who go to our school (and some of their little brothers and sisters), to cook. Tuesdays the students cook or bake what we plan the we before and take it home. What ever they are interested in making. It is a really fun relaxed night - often with Grandma's recipes and lots of stories to tell. We've had chocolate chip cookie recipe bake offs - lots of those kinds of things, (recipe comparisons) and a whole pile of fun. The following day we make the nutritious lunch which we sell on a cost recovery and wee bit of profit basis - so that Catering Club is free. Every Friday then, we sell 50 to 60 nutritious lunches - have them hot and ready to go, and all sold within 15 minutes. They sell from 2.50 to 3.50 a lunch. Sometimes 2 dollars and sometimes 4 dollars... but usually right around three for a delicious, nutritious, and economical wonderful and usually hot, lunch. The principal is still letting chips and junk be sold at the school store. Don't ask me why. It is a hard road. My grade 9 Health students were to bring a nutritious snack for one of our classes, and even I was shocked at what they thought was nutritious... and I had been teaching and working with them. Enough for now. Valerie
  8. Thanks for the information... I do use pistachios in my marzipan and my ice creams... but would like to "bump up" the flavour, at times... would this help - or take away the subtle pistachio "complexities"? Also - does anyone know of a really good violet extract? I ordered one from France - it arrived and is bitter. I LOVE violette ganaches - and want to make violette macaron - but need a really great extract first. HELP!!! Thanks!
  9. Thank you! What a brilliant idea!!!
  10. Every time I make marzipan in my Thermomix, it seems to get too hard once it cools... suggestions?
  11. HI, Kerry - can you share the amounts for this recipe? I, too, am a thermomix owner, and would love the entire recipe. Thanks, Valerie
  12. Thank you! And I do agree - and to be very honest, I did quite a bit of research to find out A) what sel rouge was, and then B) why it was important to use it None of the sites, books, or literature I laid my hands on said anything about the necessity of the nitrates for the curing process to make the food "safe". All of the information I found spoke of colour and that the nitrates added in the curing process time wise... That's what I really find so valuable about egullet. I can be working to find the information I need, and someone here will have it in their head! Honestly, I wanted the experience. I love learning new things, and I will be making it again, with the salt, but I don't want to buy they book. I will take a look at that book if our library has it... and I sure hope so~ Thank you so much!
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