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  1. This is just one brand... https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_pg_2?fst=as%3Aon&rh=n%3A1055398%2Cn%3A284507%2Ck%3Acopper+chef&page=2&keywords=copper+chef&ie=UTF8&qid=1513726234 But it's hard to tell who is copying who. Copper Chef, Red Copper, Original Copper Pan, etc.
  2. IndyRob


    Slow roasting is traditional, spit roasting even moreso. I love watching porchetta videos (I haven't cooked one myself as I simply don't have a large enough crowd to feed), but what one calls a porchetta appears to vary quite a bit. I think traditionally, it's a whole boneless animal rolled up. Sometimes it's just a pork loin unfurled and rolled back up with herbs and spices inside. Others will wrap a pork belly around it. I think I'd go with pork shoulder wrapped in a belly.
  3. After doing my rounds this holiday season, I've come to the conclusion that we may need to increase the size of all the big box stores in order to accommodate all of this new 'copper' cookware. What the heck is going on?
  4. IndyRob


    Eggs and dairy are surely a regional thing. Timing as well. People upthread have complained that the price of heavy cream (for instance) had gone up. But not at my ALDIs at the same time. Then again, I just passed on butter for 2.99 after seeing it cheaper elsewhere. But today they advertised it at 2.39. Milk prices vary the most between my ALDIs less than 10 miles apart. But they almost always beat Walmart prices. and usually blow them away. I think milk and eggs may be their only loss-leaders. That said, I complained earlier in the thread about finding some small yolks in ALDI eggs. But not recently, and I've been getting them for $1 less than your quoted price. My favorite thing to do at ALDI is to buy a gallon of milk, often for less than a dollar, and turn it into $5-$7 worth of ricotta (at Walmart prices).
  5. With a SodaStream? My instructions threaten to void my warranty if I try that. I wonder if one could bring back flat beer with one of the other ones.
  6. Is a Primo the same as Sodastream? I don't know.
  7. You don't want to do that. I once had a brainfart and poured the flavoring into the bottle before I put it into the carbonator... I had to mop the entire kitchen.
  8. Surely, all this stuff is not on topic. It's about bad shows. Not bad people.
  9. I only own one piece (inherited), but this looks pretty legit. It looks like they offer both smooth enameled interiors and black enameled interiors. We've just had an actual Le Creuset store open near us and I've been looking for a reason to go in. If no one else has an answer, I'd be willing to take the question there.
  10. Thanks, I saw her references to heating, and thought it would be more complicated. In fact Lisa said that "This is why acidulation then pressure frying are recommended. " But the Clemson link only mentions heating (to 140F) as a way to speed up the infusion. So the pressure frying is not necessary?
  11. But what about acid? There are often mentions of 'low acid environments'. Although I don't know if the result would be palatable, what if one were to soak garlic cloves in lemon juice?
  12. I'm guessing it may be more difficult to give yourself botulism than, say, salmonella or listeria, but the severity and permanency of the effects mean that NO risk is acceptable.
  13. I think one needs to give the he cheese a chance to melt in the wrapper before tucking in.
  14. That's not an Egg McMuffin. Not hard at all. What's hard is developing the infrastructure to do it for millions of people every day, and actually being successful at doing just that.
  15. I really don't know if it's meant to be cheese. In its perhaps best use, its a stand in for Hollandaise in the Egg McMuffin (Eggs Benny clone). A sort of quick-melt sauce. Such a thing works with a Filet-O-Fish as well. 'Cause you're not eating cheese with fish.
  16. I think I've finally found a definitive answer to this through a YouTube video. I can't recall exactly who it was, but it was some organization like Mashable, or Facts, or Buzzfeed who thought they'd do a Chefsteps style video in their offices. It turns out that they couldn't complete whatever test they were trying to perform, as they managed to set off the building's fire alarm system. Mercifully, the sprinkler system was not activated, but the video ended with the fire department on site, and what they estimated to be about 400 office dwellers in the street.
  17. IndyRob


    I've had one for many years (more than five). It did need a gasket replacement at one point (around $14), but it's working fine. But at $40 I could get three of these things for the same price. Then again, I've known ALDI to pull this sort of stuff in short order. Usually that's fine if it's a casserole dish or something. But if they sell these devices and no longer sell the bags, that's gonna be a problem.
  18. I can attest that this is total BS - because we did this experiment in grade school. It takes three months at least (or however long a semester is). And it's not due directly from the ingredients, but the bacteria that are feeding on it. To be sure, that same thing will happen in your mouth if you let it, but it's not the ingredients. So brush your teeth kids.
  19. IMHO...What a wonderful world we live in where we must find quicker ways of grating our rather abundant cheese.
  20. If I'm going to be angry about paying $51.50 for a steak, it's not the 1.50 part that's going to inspire the rage. On the one hand, why not just build it into the menu price? On the other hand, I looked at the online menu for Sammy's Woodfired Pizza and Grill and disclaimers are clearly visible on their 'select location' page as well as at the top of the menu itself. This isn't fraud. What about something on the menu that says 'a 15% gratuity will be added to orders of 8 or more'? I see that all the time. It looks like some restaurants want to say "Here's your share of the fallout from the new minimum wage law (which we [ahem] support entirely)." While the other side is either trying to suppress that message, or, um what? Trying to protect their rather dimwitted $50 steak consumers? C'mon man, a surcharge may not be very consumer friendly, but do we need to get the courts involved? [edit]And, BTW, if I pay a $1.50 surcharge, should I subtract that from the tip?
  21. IndyRob


    Does it work well? Is the construction good? I sort of wanted to buy it on principle, but it didn't make any sense to have second one.
  22. IndyRob


    Oh yeah, and a Foodsaver knockoff for $30. I already have a Foodsaver so I bought the bag material (which is advertised to work in any machine) for $4.99. Haven't tried it yet. But I'm worried that they won't keep it in stock.
  23. IndyRob


    My three Aldi's are never far (two of three are across the street) from a Walmart, but all have recently remodeled and expanded. One item where Aldi beats Walmart is paper plates. That surprised me. I thought that that was just the sort of thing Walmart couldn't be beat on.
  24. Thaw it overnight in the fridge. Take it out later and do not go back and forth. The water content you're seeing is likely from the freezer taking water from the dough. The freezer is a very dry environment, If the dough is in a bag it will be contained there. It needs to be allowed time to go back in when the dough is taken out of Colditz . Incidentally, this is the same for, say, an already baked baguette you've stashed in the freezer. Don't open the bag until it's completely thawed.
  25. For names, I was going to suggest Francis Scott, Rudyard, Pierre-Auguste, Giacomo, Nikolai, Pierre-Geoffreay, Oweyn, Filbert, Miles, Rauf, Geffron, and Denston. But I see you have your own agenda. So yeah, go with that.
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