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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I suppose it's a common practice not all too ordinary for professionals. HungryC - that is a good question and I did think about that but I already have a round cake stand I'll be using although I would love an excuse to get a square one! I am not worried about leftover - because it's sponge based, I was thinking I could make a trifle of some sort for the day after brunch and I'll have house full of guest a week before that would eagerly eat any crumbs! Rwood - I was torn but decided that White Choc Ganache is pretty tasty and the combo with the raspberry jam will be a crowd pleaser. I am just concerned about serving decent food and find most bakery cakes too sweet for my taste so I am compromising in a way. Stephmac - OMG! OK! Wow! That is gorgeously stunning. I would be happy if mine will transport in one piece. Speaking of that, I should check with the venue, that is a great idea to see if they'll store it the day before. Wow! May I ask what icing did you use to get all those lovely patterns? I'll actually be baking up a sheet this weekend to see if I need to make changes to the oven temp. I'll also be whipping up a batch of White Choc ganache which I haven't done before. I've only done dark and milk choc and with the white choc I've made it a little differently - usually fold in whipped cream to the ganache but that doesn't make a very stable frosting and definitely can't sit out in room temp for several hours at least my recipe doesn't. I've lots of planning to do as far as food prep goes and 10 weeks away, I am already getting nervous! Most girls dream of their wedding gown or whatever (I am not even wearing one), all I want is to make my own cake! and hope it will taste great.
  2. My head has been spinning for the last few weeks about how to make and assemble a tiered wedding cake. OK it's actually my wedding cake. My head already spun from trying to figure out what flavor the cake should be, how to transport it up a mountain on windy roads, how to store it before ( I'll be renting a refrigerator!) and yes I did think if it will be a stupid decision to make my own cake? Cutting to the chase - I am pretty much a home baker so my supplies are basic ( ok maybe above average basic) and I really don't want to acquire a whole bunch of cake pans that I'll barely use. So the idea is since I have a ton of half sheet pans that I can bake the cake in sheets then use cake/pasty rings to cut the sizes. I have to purchase these rings but I know I'll be using them in the future to assemble molded desserts - heck I can use them to make other desserts for the wedding. Also I am thinking in terms of efficiency (baking will be faster, may not have to level) since I'll be making a couple more desserts for the reception and I'll be hosting a brunch the day after and will be buried with prepping, cooking and such and I'll have a house full of family staying with me as well. Am I making sense??!!! like I said my head is spinning with this and other things going on. If you're curious I've decided on a nut sponge cake (hazelnut or almond) - filling is raspberry jam and whipped white chocolate ganache ( about 4 layers for each tier). It'll be covered/iced with whipped white Choc ganache. The cake stacked sizes will be 12-9-6 inches. I would have preferred using SMBC but I am afraid that a majority of the guest won't like it since they're used to the American style BC and I also absolutely dislike the taste of fondant unless it's on a traditional marzipan covered fruit cake but fruit cake will likely be worse to serve the guest since again they aren't accustomed to the taste. Although I welcome any other suggestions? I think I have time - wedding reception is about 10 wks away! Yikes!
  3. I am rather envious of all the candy makers. Mel Z the hot chocolate filled liquor sounds marvelous! I want to make them too! Don't know why candy making makes me nervous Anyways it took a while for my generators to start up and warm up. I am nursing a pesky broken thumb but managed to make some stuff. So far, Pecan Butter Rum Balls Ginger Crispies Lime cookies ( recipe from here ) Peppermint Pixies ( Mint up and boozed up crinkles) Herme's chocolate chocolate chip aka Korova ( zested it with orange oil did the lazy thing and used Lindt's orange choc bars) Jam thumbprints Almost forgot - just made Chrabelis (Malgieri recipe) tonight! First time making them and I really like them. Super easy to boot. Was nervous at first because the dough was really sticky after mixing but it rose and baked up well and correctly but it's not "white" enough. I think I didn't whisk the egg sugar mixture enough. Anyone here made them before? What should the consistency of the dough be. There's a few more on my list which requires a bit more dexterity and helpful to have all digits able to work! so let's see if I have the energy and motivation to tackle them. I have posted most recipes online if anyone is interested.
  4. Thanks Darienne! I'll look forward to making it. I hope it doesn't involve a thermometer, like I said I am a dunce at candy making. Likely due to my traumatized childhood memory when I used a regular thermometer from the medicine cabinet and it exploded mercury into the candy I was attempting to make. I was like 9 I think I love the candy cane idea too, just brilliant! Nakji - I know how you feel! I usually bring stuff to the office and practically everything I bake gets wrapped up as gifts so I hope to have just a little bit leftover to nibble. I have just one more cookie to bake - Badener Chrabeli and yeah this is my first time and don't know how it tastes. I hope to finish decorating my gingerbread cookies tonight then onto the sugar cookies and assembling the linzers, suvaroffs and spitzbuebe. Well here's a question, I like to decorate some of the sugar cookies with chocolate, is there such a thing as Chocolate Royal Icing? I need it to harden like Royal Icing for ease of transportation. I am afraid piping with tempered chocolate as I am kind of a slow piper.
  5. Wow! There's been lots of activity. I took a little break this weekend to catch some fresh powder in the mountains Psantucc - your Torrone looks beautiful! and your Irish Cream Fudge looks delectable. Reminded me of ordering Irish coffees after a day of skiing. I am a dunce at candy making. Dunno why Darienne - Your hot chocolate on a stick is such a fantastic idea. I might have to make that next year for my DH's niece going to college. Do you just dissolve it in hot milk? Would you mind sending the recipe? Anyways - today I made Appenzeller Biberli - apparently literally translated as filled beaver's from Appenzeller. The last sheet is baking now and it smells pretty good. I'll be mixing up Pecan Rum butter balls next. BTW I've posted 2 recipes here if anyone want's to try them.
  6. Hi Rickster, I agree with the Mailenderli that it has a "plain" one note taste in comparison to other "flavourful" cookies. Maybe better described as delicate which it is and very buttery. I am not sure if I like it or not . I'll let my DH family decide if it should appear next Christmas. I am on the fence with the Baslers as I too am not particular to overly spiced cookies especially chocolate but my Swiss friend said that the flavours develop over a day or several days so I'll let this sit and report back, unless anyone wants to add their thoughts. Nakji - I am wheat intolerant and there are several Swiss cookies that doesn't incorporate flour at all. In addition to the above I made today a Berner Hasselnuss Staengeli (Crispy Hazelnut bar cookie) which I really like and very simple to make and Utziger Leckerli (Chewy Almond Hazelnut Bar cookie) although it has 3 tbsp flour but easily subbed with Sweet Rice flour. DH likes the Leckerlis best. Also the Basler Brunslis have no flour at all. I feel for peeps with celiac I was devastated when I found out I can no longer eat bread! and pasta!! Well I was on a baking binge today and mixed up Spitzbuebe, Suvaroff, Linzer doughs to be rolled out tomorrow and decided that my mom's Ginger buttons although not Swiss cannot be left out of the list...well I got tired and made a measuring mistake! so I had to mix a triple batch of it!! CKatCook - I am glad I am not hte only one with 10lbs of butter.
  7. Hello everyone, Stumbled on this while taking a break in between making cookies and having lunch. Regarding the peanut brittle post, it's a popular snack in Malaysia. I remember them as a child and I am quite sure they still exist. Getting back to the Christmas spirit! I started actually last week by making a bunch of candied lemon and orange peel to use in a cookie. I started today by making some teeny tiny chocolate chip cookies(wheat free) for myself and just mixed up a batch of Mailenderli & Basler Brunsli, waiting in the refrigerator to be stamped after lunch. I've decided to make several popular Swiss cookies this year from Nick Malgieri's recipes. This is going to be my first time trying them out but I've had great success with most if not all NM's recipes. I can't remember one not tasting good. Anyone here has tried out NM's Swiss cookie recipes? What do you think? Worth the effort?
  8. Thanks Darienne. I know I shouldn't balk at a 45 mins drive. But I thought I'd try just in case someone knew of something out this way. Since I am on the topic, anyone else know of sources in Denver then? Yes! I do feel blessed and lucky to have moved here. I suppose when you gain something, you lose another. It's all about the balance in the universe.
  9. Hello everyone, I've been a lurker for a long while but had always found answers to questions I had through the forums. Thanks! Finally I have a dilemma. I just moved from NYC where you can find almost anything! to all you can dig piles of organic compost 45 mins north of Denver. I've been looking since I moved about 3 months now for baking supply stores between Boulder and Fort Collins. I did find one in Boulder but it's seen better days and they have an extremely limited supply of equipment, tools etc. I know I won't find anything in the likes of NY Baking supply on 22nd St but hoping for something halfway decent? Anyone? help please Christmas is around the corner and this year since I have all the time in the world, I have plans to make Swiss cookies in honour of my husband (I just got married - reason for my move) I like to be able to run out and grab something like oh... Aniseed extract or that odd cookie cutter I don't have and a pile of dragees. Do I just have to deal with mail orders living here? Advice please. Anyone?
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