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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I suppose it's a common practice not all too ordinary for professionals. HungryC - that is a good question and I did think about that but I already have a round cake stand I'll be using although I would love an excuse to get a square one! I am not worried about leftover - because it's sponge based, I was thinking I could make a trifle of some sort for the day after brunch and I'll have house full of guest a week before that would eagerly eat any crumbs! Rwood - I was torn but decided that White Choc Ganache is pretty tasty and the combo with the raspberry jam will b
  2. My head has been spinning for the last few weeks about how to make and assemble a tiered wedding cake. OK it's actually my wedding cake. My head already spun from trying to figure out what flavor the cake should be, how to transport it up a mountain on windy roads, how to store it before ( I'll be renting a refrigerator!) and yes I did think if it will be a stupid decision to make my own cake? Cutting to the chase - I am pretty much a home baker so my supplies are basic ( ok maybe above average basic) and I really don't want to acquire a whole bunch of cake pans that I'll barely use. So the id
  3. I am rather envious of all the candy makers. Mel Z the hot chocolate filled liquor sounds marvelous! I want to make them too! Don't know why candy making makes me nervous Anyways it took a while for my generators to start up and warm up. I am nursing a pesky broken thumb but managed to make some stuff. So far, Pecan Butter Rum Balls Ginger Crispies Lime cookies ( recipe from here ) Peppermint Pixies ( Mint up and boozed up crinkles) Herme's chocolate chocolate chip aka Korova ( zested it with orange oil did the lazy thing and used Lindt's orange choc bars) Jam thumbprints Almost forgot - j
  4. Thanks Darienne! I'll look forward to making it. I hope it doesn't involve a thermometer, like I said I am a dunce at candy making. Likely due to my traumatized childhood memory when I used a regular thermometer from the medicine cabinet and it exploded mercury into the candy I was attempting to make. I was like 9 I think I love the candy cane idea too, just brilliant! Nakji - I know how you feel! I usually bring stuff to the office and practically everything I bake gets wrapped up as gifts so I hope to have just a little bit leftover to nibble. I have just one more cookie to bake - Badener
  5. Wow! There's been lots of activity. I took a little break this weekend to catch some fresh powder in the mountains Psantucc - your Torrone looks beautiful! and your Irish Cream Fudge looks delectable. Reminded me of ordering Irish coffees after a day of skiing. I am a dunce at candy making. Dunno why Darienne - Your hot chocolate on a stick is such a fantastic idea. I might have to make that next year for my DH's niece going to college. Do you just dissolve it in hot milk? Would you mind sending the recipe? Anyways - today I made Appenzeller Biberli - apparently literally translated as fille
  6. Hi Rickster, I agree with the Mailenderli that it has a "plain" one note taste in comparison to other "flavourful" cookies. Maybe better described as delicate which it is and very buttery. I am not sure if I like it or not . I'll let my DH family decide if it should appear next Christmas. I am on the fence with the Baslers as I too am not particular to overly spiced cookies especially chocolate but my Swiss friend said that the flavours develop over a day or several days so I'll let this sit and report back, unless anyone wants to add their thoughts. Nakji - I am wheat intolerant and there ar
  7. Hello everyone, Stumbled on this while taking a break in between making cookies and having lunch. Regarding the peanut brittle post, it's a popular snack in Malaysia. I remember them as a child and I am quite sure they still exist. Getting back to the Christmas spirit! I started actually last week by making a bunch of candied lemon and orange peel to use in a cookie. I started today by making some teeny tiny chocolate chip cookies(wheat free) for myself and just mixed up a batch of Mailenderli & Basler Brunsli, waiting in the refrigerator to be stamped after lunch. I've decided to make
  8. Thanks Darienne. I know I shouldn't balk at a 45 mins drive. But I thought I'd try just in case someone knew of something out this way. Since I am on the topic, anyone else know of sources in Denver then? Yes! I do feel blessed and lucky to have moved here. I suppose when you gain something, you lose another. It's all about the balance in the universe.
  9. Hello everyone, I've been a lurker for a long while but had always found answers to questions I had through the forums. Thanks! Finally I have a dilemma. I just moved from NYC where you can find almost anything! to all you can dig piles of organic compost 45 mins north of Denver. I've been looking since I moved about 3 months now for baking supply stores between Boulder and Fort Collins. I did find one in Boulder but it's seen better days and they have an extremely limited supply of equipment, tools etc. I know I won't find anything in the likes of NY Baking supply on 22nd St but hoping for so
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